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Just cause because ‘you know What’ is boring-

Endangered Species

TBS posted on my blog earlier this morning about my view on Endangered Species. After some discussion with JB I think this card is definitely a ‘Role Player’ as opposed to ‘Constructed Unplayable’.

It’s good to see some discussion going on, and if all I have to do to get TBS postin here is rate a card ‘Constructed Unplayable’ …

In any case it’s worth a read. Most of the sentiment toward this card is not that great awesome. I really can’t see myself playing it over Finishing Move though. Maybe MEV is that good though.

A Proud Zinco Podcast

I’m recording the first episode of APZP for the longest time with Ludin. Anyone have any topics you want to hear us discuss? I’m sure there will be much bemoaning of teh Wolverine.

Clone Saga

My first, perhaps only Clone Saga event is this Saturday. Since I’m borrowing cards that means I get no prizing – come on, like I’m going to win! – but hopefully you guys will have something entertaining and enlightening to read on Bearsday.

With the state of VS as it is, lately I’ve been trying to write my tournament reports more as tournament experiences. I’m trying to aim for something like that Collector’s Corner City Champs where it’s more about the mind state and the totality of the event.

It’s not that I’m lazy: I’m quite certain I can write up technical stuff resaonably well, but I think more people are interested in the experience as a whole as opposed to “I drop what when.”

Which makes me sad because some of the best parts of the tournaments are so hard to reproduce: (“Charmander! Char!”)

I’ll definitely have that camera working this Saturday though. Plus you can see my new Hunny Wagon!

Final Crisis

I’m not really a deep person when it comes to comics.

A quick example? I really like Jeph Loeb. (booo!) Not in all his books – Hulk, Onslaught Reborn – but stuff like Superman/Batman, Hush, the Color books.

In general, I really like simplicity and a level of transparency in my books: If there’s a mystery, I really don’t like it dragged on too long… I like all my ends tied up and addressed in a rather expedient fashion… with a cherry on top too!

I’m personally a more avid reader of Marvel, but I just happened to pick up Final Crisis today based on all the hype from it.

Now, I cannot say that I’m a Morrison fan the way I’m a Bendis fan… but I know this guy quite well by his rather favorable reputation and his run on New X-Men.

My big fear of Morrison is that… to write it how I would say it: Sometimes people write these deeply metaphorical things that you know are deeper then they are. However, you yourself don’t recognize it so you miss out on the quality of the experience because you keep trying to recognize it – since you know it is there.

I tried to read The Filth awhile back, and I was like “WTF is this garbage? Ugh!”

For me personally, I thought his X-Men run was okay until I read this very good deconstruction of it – Cyclops = the future, Jean = the past, Emma = Morrison – and wow!, I re-read the entire arch and it was so much better. I wish I could link you there, but the site’s dead. If anyone’s interested I can mostly recreate the characters and what they represent.

So when I went to read Final Crisis, I was definitely a little hesitant.

Having read it all I can say is.


I definitely need to go back to read all of them. I really didn’t feel that out of place reading the book despite me being a relative newbie to DC’s huge continuity, which is surprising. I think if you look at these characters in terms of their place in mythology – these guys are good these guys are bad – you can still appreciate it even if you have no idea who the Ray is.

This book in particular – the theme of Final Crisis is “the day evil won” – and man, does this book capture that theme so well. Especially that last pace where X Ys Z.

It’s good.

Anyways, this quickie got a bit too biggie then I originally imagined it.





  1. talk about if old decks can be played in currrent metagame, such as Kree

  2. Talk about anything and everything.

    You guys need to ‘cast more…

    Talk about anything and everything. Jus’ if I hear anythign about the Inhuman By Marriage, I may cry.

  3. I could bear to hear some more about how curve could be pushed again… I think it’s an interesting topic, and a little more positive than “Wolvie sucks” (Which is implied in any discussion about curve’s future)… I say this mostly because Bearsday got me thinking about it all over again.

    And I’m still not a Morrison fan… great themes, great plot, awful dialogue… can’t forgive him the bad characterization.

  4. The Filth is one of my all-time favorite comics!

    anyway, glad you gave FC a shot– and you liked it! wonderful!!!

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