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This is my last post here!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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Packs are getting opened! Some thoughts on cards that have been spoiled:

A Finer World
Plot Twist Cost: 3

To play, remove a shift counter from a card you own.

Search you deck for a location or an Exiles character card, reveal it, and put it into your hand.


This card’s cost is actually surprisingly steep if we’re trying for the blitz kill. Definitely a four of though – fix your cure AND find Panoptichron! – and will push the value of Proteus higher.

Maybe we play some amount of the new Rogue – who gains a shift counter during the combat phase – to combat this… seems like it would dilute our kill though : (

Magnus, Earth 27
Cost: 6
Atk: 12 Def: 12
Flight: Yes Range: Yes
Team: Exiles * X-Men


When Magnus enters play, stun target character with cost less than or equal to the number of characters that have entered play this turn.


I like this card with substitute characters! Hold all your Oracles in hand then sub her in like crazy, before recruiting this guy. You can then Panoptichron him away to shift out another copy of him that’s shifted. I like it, probably too slow to be really good though.

Optic Blast
Plot Twist Cost: 2

Play only if you control Cyclops.

Target character gets -X DEF this turn, where X is the cost of a Cyclops you control. Then, if that character has 0 DEF, exhaust it.

Hurts, don’t it?


Doesn’t require an exhaust, and can be played on either initiative! Pretty awesome!

Caliban, Pestilence
Concealed Character Cost: 2
Atk: 2 Def: 3
Flight: No Range: No
Team: X-Factor * Horsemen of Apocalypse


While Caliban is shifted with two shift counters, opponents can’t draw cards from effects they control. (This doesn’t affect the normal draw)

This card plus Kid Omega = hardy har har. Double Kid Omega is probably already good enough.

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Shadowcat, Ultimate Two Drop

The internet is the devil: It took me a week to write a four page paper with the internet – and realms- and… one hour and ten minutes to write a ten page paper – with citations – without the internet.


Anyways, I like this card alotsle potsles:


Shadowcat, Ultimates
Cost: 2
Team: X-Men * Spider-Friends
F/R: N/N
3/2, Concealed
Remove Shadowcat from the game –> Remove from the game target character that didn’t enter play this turn. At the start of the recovery phase this turn, return that character to play. Use only during your attack step.

This character is sick, but her power isn’t so much in your face as it is in her subtlety and utility.

First, she’s a concealed two drop. This is a huge deal. First, it means you can keep her around so you can use her power in the later turns of the game.

Second, higher cost concealed characters tend to exact an ‘endurance’ penalty for being hidden – one less character to tank – but you take the same amount of damage from Shadowcat regardless of whether or not she’s hidden.

(Some people might bring up reinforcement, but that’s usually played around.)

Anyways, this chick is a walk Warp Shards, with a slight restriction, but Warp Shards is already mad good.

Some applications –

– She can break reinforcement channels.
– She triggers come into play and leave play effects – o hai blink –
– She can recover your second largest character – so that your largest one recovers normally
– She acts as a ready effect in some cases – activate, phase out a character, activate again during recovery – and resets once per turn effects.
– She deals with Radioactive Man(!)
– She can be a Pleasent Distraction.

I think she just be the best X-Men two drop. Period.

The sad thing she’s not quite ‘rare’ power, but she is. As a good low drop she’s also going to be a four-of which is going to make her quite frustrating to trade for.

Check me out at vs-blog today!



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VS System : (

Lately the urge you to play Magic is getting stronger and stronger. First off, we have 8 man drafts at the Bay Area on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Secondly, I know a lot of really knowledgable Magic players from VS, and finally… I want some OP.

I’m so jealous; Magic players have states, pre-releases, and PTQs. You cam read weekly articles on Magic: the Gathering on multiple sites, quite a few which are really good. If you have the money and a reasonable internet connection, you can find a tournament any day of the week at any time.

Did I mention states already? Man I really want to go to states. Evan Erwin is really doing Magic: the Gathering a service because watching The Magic Show has gotten be itchin’ to play some Magic real bad.

But… I don’t know. Just reading



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Fire and Ice

“Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.”

One of my favorite VS decks ever was PC:LA’s TDC stall. The coolest thing about this deck to me, was it’s win condition:

The plan here, is to activate Galactus the Maker then keep ready him with Press the Attack until the opponent’s life was reduced to low enough that you could kill him with big G.

The cool thing about this kill to me, was that unlike most win conditions of control decks… Press the Attack isn’t a dead draw during the midgame. Quite the opposite, Press could be used to ready Puppet Master so you could stall out to the later turns.

I am pretty excited about a similar combination from MEV:

You impressed by my ability to relate legendary American Poet Robert Frost with the customizable card game known as the VS System brah? (no big to)

Just like Press the Attack, First Class can help you definitely close the game, but is also instrumental in helping you survive to the later turns and letting you keep board.

I’m having fantasies about Gift Wrapping my opponent’s board, getting him stunned, then using First Class to recover and ready him so I can Gift Wrap again!

So, we’ve seen the fire, and given what kindles it… what the ice is probably won’t surprise you:

Iceman and First Class are…ice cold… hardy har har har

The curve I’m thinking of:

Black Cat
Black Manta
Human Torch

On turn six, activate Human Torch, exhaust a character to First Class, activate Human Torch, Black Manta to rebuy First Class, then burn them again. If you have one more, that’s 52 damage!

Of course there are a few differences between then and now. For example, Galactus didn’t deal you damage, and Press didn’t cost you a card. Still, I think there’s a lot of potential, especially if we get a card that generates invulnerability.

For your consideration:

Characters: 26
4x Aunt May
4x Black Cat
4x Night Thrasher
4x Iceman, Jack Frost
3x Spider-Man, the Sensational Spider-Man
2x Black Manta
1x Polaris, Back in the Fold
1x Human Torch
1x Spider-Man, Stark’s Protege
1x Sentry, the Might Aveneger

Plot Twists: 27
4x Superhuman Registration Act
4x Mobilize
4x First Class
4x Omnipotence
3x Reset
3x Gift Wrapped
3x Pathetic Attempt
1x Death of the Dream
1x Have a Blast!

Locations: 7
4x Empire State University
2x Stark’s Tower
1x United Planets HQ


There’s another way you could take this. We’d still rely on the ESU, Black Cat, and Superhuman Registration Act synergy but our four drop would be the Captain. The Captain would allow us to draw cards, but also play Concussive Force + Captain America’s Shield.

Captain America’s Shield means we can play Cannibal Tech which lets us play Ego Gem and Med Kit – both of which have great synergy with energize.

Isn’t control so much cooler then rush?



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