My name is Paul Sung.

I’m a 22 year old native of Northern California, most specifically the ‘hella hyphy’ Bay Area.

Presently, I’m a very-behind student and adminstrative assistant, whose likely to add ‘teller’ and ‘waiter’ to his list of occupations. I have aspirations of being a lawyer, personal trainer, or Superman.

As for what this blog’s purpose is… well, it’s about the VS System.

The VS System is a great game. There are a lot of awesome things about it, and tons of reasons you should get into it.

Some people enjoy playing the VS System because of the cards; the images, and the mythology behind them. The artwork is beautiful and each card is an awesome packet of fun and comic lore.

Others enjoy playing the VS System because they love working out the synergies between the various cards, like it were a giant never ending puzzle.

These are all reasons I love the game. However, I like doing these things with a focus toward competiton. They Bay Area has probably one of the best areas for competitive VS, and if you want to win those awesome Hobby League prizes you need to be prepared!

Consequently, this blog is mostly aimed at how we can get better at VS System so we can play decks that win, and play them well.

I have nothing against those who find balls to walls winning disgusting, but I enjoy matching wits with local players and the global metagame at large. There is nothing more fulfilling to me then playing against a player of similar skill with decks of equal power and then barely eeking a win.

I can be contacted…

… through VSRealms – my screen name is TheDerangedBear

… through AIM – my screen name is DerangedBear

… through gmail – my email is

(Pretty straight forward, yeah?)

Enjoy my thoughts!





  1. this blog is ok its way too long with lots of words

  2. I love your Blog
    Keep the ramblings coming !!
    Oh and if you have a killer deck list for the Ultimates post that too ! hehehehe

  3. Will you marry me?

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