Beginner’s Guide

So somehow you’ve ended up here. Maybe it’s because you were looking for Miss Nina Moric. Maybe you were directed here by a friend.

Regardless of how you got here… I’d like to tell you about the VS System.

Table of Contents
I* – What is the VS System?
II* – Why should I play the VS System?
III* – Where can I find the rules?
IV* – Where can I find people to play with?
V* – Where can I buy singles?
VI* – I like this game but I have a limited budget. What should I do?
VIII* – like to play a certain kind of archetype. What team fulfills that archetype?
IX* – What does this slang mean?

(Use the Ctrl + F to find a specific entry!)

I* – What is the VS System?

According to Wikipedia:

“VS System (pronounced “Versus System”) is a set of rules designed by Upper Deck Entertainment for collectible card games (CCG’s). In the system, players build and play a deck of VS System cards in an attempt to win a game against their opponent. It was first published in 2004 and is currently used for superhero games, though as a system rather than an individual game it could be applied to other genres in the future.”

Currently Marvel, Hellboy, and DC are featured franchieses.

II* – What Should I Play the VS System

Here’s what we don’t have in VS:

Mana screw – o hai Magic: the Gathering
Rampant cheating – o hai Yu-Gi-Oh
Map hacks – check replay noob we bought wards/saw u going there/have godlike inexplicable instincts

A few things we do have:

Second turns – o hai UFS

An awesome community

I’ve played all the games listed above. While the VS System isn’t perfect I certainly think that it has a lot of merits for you to seriously consider, and if you are tired of constantly running into games with all these undesireable qualities I mentioned above and love some awesome comic book flavor… try VS!

Speaking of comic flavor, the VS System beats out ReCharge, Overpower, and that WotC X-Men CCG that was the stainz when it comes to flavor. The main characters are all powerful and playable, but there are still plenty of obscure and small characters that see representation.

Speaking of representation… the characters are great at representing who they’re supposed to be.

If you just want to play games because they’re cool and fun:

This is a real card BTW. Unfortunately Nextwave is a real team too…

III* – Where Can I Find The Rules?

Official Demo

Aceswolf teaches you vs :cool

Comprehensive Rules

IV* – Where can I find people to play with?

Due to the glacial, Paul’s attack step esque updating speed of our official website – to be honest, Magic is the only CCG that routinely updates it’s website – I would recommend you try VSRealms.

Or you can PM me and I can try to hook you up, courtesy of my ninja panda friends.

I like to play a certain kind of archetype. What team fulfills that archetype?

Keep in mind, there are enough cards in VS that you can ‘force’ any team to play any role due to the prevalence of some fairly powerful generic cards. Just like with most things in life though, you will find it very hard to try to force anything to do something that is against it’s nature.

For example, is it possible to build a Brotherhood control deck? Yes – but you lose out, because the Brotherhood have such powerful rush down cards and not that many control ones. Is it possible to build a Spider-Friends rush deck? Yes – but it’s not nearly as powerful as a Brotherhood rush deck would be or a Spider-Friends control deck.

Here’s a fairly simple rundown of teams according to fairly universal CCG archetypes:

Aggro: Brotherhood, Marvel Knights, Injustice Gang, Marvel Knights, Sinister Syndicate, Masters of Evil, Emerald Enemies, Sentinels, Doom, Kree, Villains United,

Control: Spider-Friends, Kang, Doom, JLA, Crime Lords, Green Lantern Corps, Heralds of Galatus, Inhumans

Prison: Injustice Gang, Thunderbolts, Gotham Knights, Darkseid’s Elite,

Mid-Range (Elements of multiples): X-Men, Team Superman

We don’t have a combo deck team per-say. If you like decks with a lot of moving parts, I recommend you look forwards control.

If you are more about specific character as opposed to teams:

Control: Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the World’s Finest (Superman/Batman – I group them together because there are cards that encourage you to have just them two in play <3), Captain America, Red Skull, Iron Man, Darkseid, Annihilus, the Flashes,

Prison: Lex Luthor

Aggressive: Ghost Rider, HULK SMASH!!!!

IX* – What does this slang mean?

‘row’ – verb; The process of putting something in your resource row.
‘fixing’ – verb; The process of turning a less suitable card in your resource row to a better one.
‘EomE’ – Enemy of my Enemy
‘SRA’ or ‘SHRA’ – Superhuman Registration Act
‘fate up’, ‘fate set’ – Refers to the process of equipping a character with all three pieces of the Fate Artifacts or just the equipments themselves.
‘faced’ – Taking during breakthrough endurance loss.
‘CC’ – Short for ‘City Championships’ a Marquee event.
‘EA’ – Extended Art – Promotional card where the majority of the card is dominated by artwork.
‘HL’ – Hobby League
‘PA’ – Pathetic Attempt
‘Trinity’ – The dominating combination of Omnipotence/Pathetic Attempt/Have a Blast.
‘TNB’ – The New Brotherhood
‘TBS’ – Ben Seck – Works on VS
‘TBZ’ – Billy Zonos – Works on VS…gayily…







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