Modern Age Guide

Modern Age consists of the last four VS System Sets. Presently, this list is:

World’s Finest (DWF)
Marvel Legends (MVL)
DC Legends (DCL)
Marvel Universe (MUN)

It also includes the smaller sets:

Marvel The Coming of Galactus (MCG)
The ‘Treasure Cards from MCG (MEX)
Marvel Age of Apocalypse (MAA)
DC Hobby League Cards (DCX)
Marvel Ultimates (MUL)

Why Should I Play Modern?

If I were to describe Modern, I would call it “the way VS was meant to be played.”

The best decks in Modern are very ‘comic-book centric’, such as the Avengers, or Hulk. This is in stark contrast to formats such as Golden Age where synergy trumps everything.

Why Should I Not Play Modern?

Most of the MVL, DCL, and MUN rares are fairly expensive. On the flip side, they retain their value quite well and are good in other formats too. It’s a high start up cost, but your investment doesn’t depreciate.

If you are looking for something cheap and competitive, I would recommned you build MKKO or Avengers. Like in most CCGs, control decks tend to be much more expensive then aggressive decks.

Decks to Beat – or Copy

The decks listed above have done well in large tournaments. If you’re looking to succeed in Modern Age tournaments you should either play them or play to beat them.


10x S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents – Army * Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
4x Speedball ♦ Penance – Painmonger
1x Blizzard – Frosty Friend
2x Life Model Decoy – More Human than Human
2x Wolverine – Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. * HYDRA
2x Squirrel Girl – Doreen Green
1x Hank Pym ♦ Yellowjacket – Initiative Instructor

Plot Twists
4x Origin Story
3x Mobilize
1x Collect Them All!
2x Blinding Rage
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Secret War – Team-Up
3x Dangerous Liaison
3x Invasion Plans
3x Death of the Dream
1x Superhuman Registration Act – Team-Up

4x Birthing Chamber
3x Thunderbolts Mountain
3x S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

– Mulligan condition: SHIELD Agent or Penance
– Another variant exists out there that focuses more on burn with cards like Evil Lair and Torture Chamber with a heavier emphasis on. It is known as SHIELD Burn:

3x Life Model Decoy – More Human than Human
17x S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents – Army * Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
4x Speedball ♦ Penance – Painmonger
4x Squirrel Girl – Doreen Green
4x Jessica Drew ♦ Spider-Woman – Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. * HYDRA
4x Wolverine – Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. * HYDRA
3x Nick Fury – Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Plot Twists
4x Blinding Rage
4x Savage Beatdown

4x Birthing Chamber
4x S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
4x Torture Chamber
2x Evil Lair

– Shield Agents and Penance force early damage. Wolverine attacks directly for the last few points.

Marvel Knights – MKKO

4x Black Widow – Femme Fatale
4x Black Panther – Silent Stalker
4x Punisher – Suicide Run
4x Daredevil – Fearless Survivor
4x Blade – Independent Contractor
2x Ghost Rider – The Devil’s Rider
4x Wolverine – Covert Predator
1x Captain America – Loyal Patriot
1x Punisher – Captain America
1x Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance

Plot Twists
4x Quick Kill
4x Finishing Move
3x Mobilize
4x Wild Ride
4x Blinding Rage
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Devastating Blow
1x Trouble With Dinosaurs

– Kurt Hindman top8’d at Worlds with the exact same built, but with an additional Mobilize.

How:– Using KO effects to slowly shrink the opponents board, restricting their ability to use answers while forcing damage.

Secret Society – Society Complex

Characters (31)
1x Chemo – Toxic Waste
2x Dr. Polaris – Polar Opposite
4x The Riddler – Riddle Me This
2x Charaxes – Moth Monster
4x Dr. Sivana – Mad Scientist
1x Dr. Psycho – Demented Dwarf
4x Poison Ivy – Intoxicating
4x Gorilla Grodd – Grodd Awful
1x Sinestro – Yellow Lantern
3x Black Manta – Underwater Marauder
1x Deathstroke the Terminator – Killing Machine
1x Mr. Freeze – Cold Blooded
1x Doomsday – Engine of Destruction
1x Death – The Second Force of the Universe
1x The Beyonder – Inhuman

Plot Twists (24)
4x Agility
2x Death of the Dream
2x Going Ape
4x Messiah Complex
4x Mobilize
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Straight to the Grave

Locations (5)
2x Gorilla City
3x Remote Facility – Non-Unique

Notes:– Using Riddle to disrupt opponents. Messiah Complex allows you to outlive rush.

Avengers – AARRR!!!

4x Dagger – Secret Avenger
4x Iron Fist – Secret Avenger
4x Captain America – The Patriot * Secret Avenger
4x Hawkeye ♦ Ronin – Secret Avenger
2x Echo ♦ Ronin – Secret Avenger
4x Punisher – Secret Avenger
1x Cable – Secret Avenger
1x Jessica Drew ♦ Spider-Woman – Secret Avenger
4x Human Torch – Secret Avenger
2x Wolverine – Secret Avenger
1x Spider-Man – Secret Avenger
2x Luke Cage – Secret Avenger
2x Hercules – Secret Avenger

Plot Twists
4x Avengers Reassembled
4x Losing the Argument
4x Savage Beatdown
4x The Big Three
3x Atlantis Attacks!
2x Blinding Rage

Notes:– Two decks of relatively similar builds made top 8 at Worlds from the same design team.

How:– Attack and repeatedly play pumps to finish the opponent off.

Thunderbolts – Radio!

4x Green Goblin – Insanity Unleashed
4x Bullseye – Lester
4x Radioactive Man – Containment Suit
1x Sharon Carter – Agent 13 * Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
4x The Captain – Can’t Remember His Real Name
4x Ultron – Ultron Prime
1x Holocaust – Nemesis
1x Martian Manhunter – Founding Member
1x Superman – Deterrent Force
1x Superman – Deterrent Force
1x Death – The Second Force of the Universe
1x The Beyonder – Inhuman

Plot Twists
4x Heroic Effort
4x Strategic Thinking
4x Mobilize
3x Savage Beatdown
4x Underground Movement – Team-Up
3x Mystical Paralysis
3x Pathetic Attempt
2x Call in a Favor
1x Superhuman Registration Act – Team-Up
1x Only Human
1x Endgame

4x Thunderbolts Mountain

-This is my build of Michael Robinson’s top 8 deck from Worlds. I took some liberties with it mostly with respect to the suggestions he made after the tournament.

– Radioactive Man controls your opponent’s plot twists. Ultron and Martian Manhunter let you control the board. Thunderbolts Mountain lets you promptly play Endgame on turn eight and win.



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  2. Dude you Rock!

    But you have duplicated
    1x Superman – Deterrent Force in the last deck list.

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