Posted by: thederangedbear | October 23, 2008

Bring Your Own Two Teams!

I was originally going to write about Clone Saga, but I just realized that most of you have probably already finished up your Clone Saga, and that probably wouldn’t be an interesting read.

So instead I thought I’d talk about Bring Your Own Two Teams.

So how do we go about building a deck? Here’s a few things to look for or consider:


Basically, you pick a pre-existing theme of team then build around it. Here are a few examples:

Reservist – Avengers, Teen Titans, Brotherhood, Squadron Supreme
Evasion – Morlocks, Spider-Friends

Again, it’s not just restricted to key words. For example:

Equipment – Fantastic Four, Squadron Supreme, Checkmate
Moving Characters Around – Checkmate, Hellfire Club, Anti-Matter
Army – Sentinels, Checkmate, Injustice Gang, Injustice Gang and Doom

Pretty straight forward.

Midnight Sons

Nothing in BYOT explicitly forces you to play with character or plot twists from both teams. Consequently, you start out the game with a free ‘hacked’ team-up.

This allows you to sneak some really powerful effects that are team stamped without any effort whatsoever much work. Some of the biggest cards that you might want to cheat are: Lost City, The New Brotherhood , The Next Brotherhood, To Me, My X-Men!, Cosmic Radiation, and The Rock of Eternity.

For example, you could play a pure Checkmate deck using Lost City to power-up with OMAC Robots, or a Fantastic Fun deck with The Rock of Eternity.

Face Off

Here’s a deck that I want to try out. I generally detest rush decks, but I love off curve decks with a little bit of an engine feel.

Characters: 34
4x Beetle – Armorsmith
4x Yellowjacket – Rita DeMara
4x Lizard – Voracious Predator
4x Green Goblin – Insanity Unleashed
3x Chameleon – Dmitri Smerdyakov
3x Fusion – Markley
1x Klaw – Sonic Construct
1x Vulture – Aerial Stalker
1x Slyde – Jalome Beacher
1x Razorfist – Sociopathic Mercenary
1x Paul Ebersol ♦ Fixer – Problem Solver
1x Tombstone – Lonnie Lincoln
1x Speed Demon – Whizzer
1x Albert Malik ♦ Red Skull – Axis of Evil
1x Black Tarantula – Carlos LaMuerto
1x Shocker – Vibro-Shock Villain
1x Answer – Aaron Nicholson
1x Carnage – Psychopath

Plot Twists: 20
4x Hard Sound Construct – Construct
4x The Wrecking Crew
4x Honor Among Thieves
4x Faces of Evil
4x Legacy of Evil

Locations: 3
3x Hidden Cache

Equipment: 3
3x Goblin Glider

This list feels… so right. I’m sure some of the numbers are off though. I mean this one is pretty sure that Hidden Cache + lots of on-goings that you need to row is probably not a combo.

I’m certain an off curve deck is bound to have trouble with Lost City decks, but the Masters of Evil do have resource hate and The Enforcers seems kinda sorta maybe good against Big Brotherhood so… maybe it’s not as bad as it could be.





  1. i was thinking of building something similar, but with all the thunderbolt dual affiliated characters i was gonna try running faces of evil in there too

  2. just realised i cant read and you have it in there. i mistook it for legacy which you have in too, very cool deck

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