Posted by: thederangedbear | October 22, 2008

I’m Down for OP… Plz

It feels so weird writing this blog about ‘competitive’ VS when the reality is we don’t have any OP whatsoever.

I guess you could say all these Marquee events are forms of organized play, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I really want something like the MegaWeekends. Something on a larger scale that’s more rewarding for an individual and encourages local groups to work together as opposed to working against each other.

For the longest time my desire to blog – more specifically the creation of this particular blog – was driven by this desire to win Hero of the Month. I wanted to take put the MUN set as first place for a nice slightly little larger tournament that could hopefully entice enough people out of the woodwork to attend. I even made PhotoShop PSD of a playmat – I wanted it to be kind of like the Magic PT playmats where they clarify the zones of play – and talked with Erick about some sort of date coinciding or an all California voucher for one VS tournament.

But I mean, it seems so unlikely now.

Which is a shame because big tournaments are so important! Good literature comes out of these events. People play the game and write tournament reports about their experiences or strategy articles about what they learned. These things encourage and sustain interest in the game which is pretty crucial given the state of advertising.

Ludin and I are going to record another episode of A Proud Zinco Podcast tomorrow/tonight depending when you read this. It feels sort of weird. I mean… what is there to really talk about for a competitive podcast? Maybe I can talk about how homo erotic my local gym is. Nah, my Clone Saga is this weekend and I’m sure Ludin will have some awesome insights – as well as a few clever jabs.

For those of you who are going to attend Battle of the Border, I am quite envious. I mean, Bring Your Own Team Golden Age isn’t exactly the kind of format that makes this bear’s panties but any sort of larger scale competitive play for this great is awesome and something to look forward to.

(sad panda)

(hate! hate! hate!)

So c’mon UDE! MegaWeekend plz! Give us something to talk about please. I could always use another excuse to head down to SoCal.





  1. I definately agree with you here. The lack of large scale events is somewhat troublesome. Yes I’m lucky enough to be close enough to attend battle of the boarder. But the prizes and format isn’t really my cup of tea. So come on ude. Give us competitive hopefuls some large scale events to look foward too!. Mega weekends please!!! I’ll be patiently waiting for the special annoucement…..

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