Posted by: thederangedbear | November 21, 2008


Packs are getting opened! Some thoughts on cards that have been spoiled:

A Finer World
Plot Twist Cost: 3

To play, remove a shift counter from a card you own.

Search you deck for a location or an Exiles character card, reveal it, and put it into your hand.


This card’s cost is actually surprisingly steep if we’re trying for the blitz kill. Definitely a four of though – fix your cure AND find Panoptichron! – and will push the value of Proteus higher.

Maybe we play some amount of the new Rogue – who gains a shift counter during the combat phase – to combat this… seems like it would dilute our kill though : (

Magnus, Earth 27
Cost: 6
Atk: 12 Def: 12
Flight: Yes Range: Yes
Team: Exiles * X-Men


When Magnus enters play, stun target character with cost less than or equal to the number of characters that have entered play this turn.


I like this card with substitute characters! Hold all your Oracles in hand then sub her in like crazy, before recruiting this guy. You can then Panoptichron him away to shift out another copy of him that’s shifted. I like it, probably too slow to be really good though.

Optic Blast
Plot Twist Cost: 2

Play only if you control Cyclops.

Target character gets -X DEF this turn, where X is the cost of a Cyclops you control. Then, if that character has 0 DEF, exhaust it.

Hurts, don’t it?


Doesn’t require an exhaust, and can be played on either initiative! Pretty awesome!

Caliban, Pestilence
Concealed Character Cost: 2
Atk: 2 Def: 3
Flight: No Range: No
Team: X-Factor * Horsemen of Apocalypse


While Caliban is shifted with two shift counters, opponents can’t draw cards from effects they control. (This doesn’t affect the normal draw)

This card plus Kid Omega = hardy har har. Double Kid Omega is probably already good enough.


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