Posted by: thederangedbear | November 19, 2008

Shadowcat, Ultimate Two Drop

The internet is the devil: It took me a week to write a four page paper with the internet – and realms- and… one hour and ten minutes to write a ten page paper – with citations – without the internet.


Anyways, I like this card alotsle potsles:


Shadowcat, Ultimates
Cost: 2
Team: X-Men * Spider-Friends
F/R: N/N
3/2, Concealed
Remove Shadowcat from the game –> Remove from the game target character that didn’t enter play this turn. At the start of the recovery phase this turn, return that character to play. Use only during your attack step.

This character is sick, but her power isn’t so much in your face as it is in her subtlety and utility.

First, she’s a concealed two drop. This is a huge deal. First, it means you can keep her around so you can use her power in the later turns of the game.

Second, higher cost concealed characters tend to exact an ‘endurance’ penalty for being hidden – one less character to tank – but you take the same amount of damage from Shadowcat regardless of whether or not she’s hidden.

(Some people might bring up reinforcement, but that’s usually played around.)

Anyways, this chick is a walk Warp Shards, with a slight restriction, but Warp Shards is already mad good.

Some applications –

– She can break reinforcement channels.
– She triggers come into play and leave play effects – o hai blink –
– She can recover your second largest character – so that your largest one recovers normally
– She acts as a ready effect in some cases – activate, phase out a character, activate again during recovery – and resets once per turn effects.
– She deals with Radioactive Man(!)
– She can be a Pleasent Distraction.

I think she just be the best X-Men two drop. Period.

The sad thing she’s not quite ‘rare’ power, but she is. As a good low drop she’s also going to be a four-of which is going to make her quite frustrating to trade for.

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  1. Possible addition to Buckshot?

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