Posted by: thederangedbear | November 16, 2008

Marquee Monday: LoLo!

Here’s my X-Men and Titans list. I decided to mostly copy Tommy Ashton’s curve because… I mean, that’s what I always do. Copy his curve cause there always so sick-

Characters: 31
1x Dawn Granger ♦ Dove – Agent of Order
4x Lorena Marquez ♦ Aquawoman – Titans Tomorrow West
2x Argent – Toni Monetti
1x Cyclops – Slim
1x Hank Hall ♦ Hawk – Agent of Chaos
4x Wolverine – Logan
4x Roy Harper ♦ Arsenal – Sharpshooter
2x Rose Wilson ♦ The Ravager – Titans Tomorrow East
4x Terra – Tara Markov
4x Garth ♦ Temptest – Atlantean Sorcerer
1x Koriand’r ♦ Starfire – Alien Princess

Plot Twists: 18
4x Teen Titans Go!
4x Phoenix Rising
4x To Me, My X-Men!
2x Time Breach

Locations: 11
4x USS Argus
4x Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
3x Optitron

Mulligan for Lorena. The early game consists of you assembling Lorena and Xavier’s School – so you can ready her – along with the USS Argus.

At that point, you’ll be seeing twelve cards a turn and drawing an extra one. This isn’t Oracle random draw either; this is you drawing EXACTLY what you need. Once you have the engine up, the goal is to find multiple copies of Teen Titans Go and To Me My X-Men to set up ‘the big turn’ where you either attack multiple times or completely decimate their board off-initiative with Roy Harper.

I got two games in with this deck on MWS – thanks Spud and D-Block. In both cases the engine just gave me too many copies of what I needed and I was able to win.

One game against Faces, he had eight guys on the board on turn five when I subbed in Ravager. His first attack resolved when he had two guys left, including the attacker – Ravager a guy, ready her with Xavier’s school, replace school with Terra to stun another one, flip Xavier’s School to ready Ravager, and then ready her twice more with a pair of To Me, My X-Men.

In a format where Lost City seems like it might be tier one, out of combat stuns with Roy Harper seem like an awesome option. No Cloak of Nabu, BeePeR, or Pathetic Attempt means we can start sniping with no restraint.

Few thoughts:

– Phoenix Rising is definitely better then Children of the Atom, especially since you, I, whoever, will never draw extra characters.
– Terra replacing Xavier’s School or Arguses to flip another one is insane. BANG BANG!
– SNIKT is a little awkward, probably better then Titans Tower though. What pump do the Titans and X-Men have access to that is good and not cumbersome?
– I’m not sure I like how Hawk and Dove jive when you’re constantly milling cards.

Definitely really cool! It feels so cheating to filter through your deck like that-





  1. Turnabout?

  2. i came up with a version after your post about it. Big differences were

    Using the DCL dove, who gives the whole team flight

    no Argent, less Roy Harpers, more 1-2 drops. I had it more designed as a team attacking deck with Lorna to find Bamf/TTG. More toolboxing characters to dig out or time breach for.

    More Pumps. A few turnabouts, the power up Loc, the Xmen pump thats +3 to any attacks on characters that turn.

    Bamf over Children of the atom.

    No copies of To me my Xmen. I had colossus for a closer.

    Drawing whatever you want every turn was awesome. but the team attacking angle didnt work out all that well for me. I’m gonna go ahead and try more of a curve beatdown or even control version of the deck.

  3. First, thank you for your input. Hopefully in between our three minds we can pwnimate a few local tourneys!

    I don’t think you can afford to not four-of Roy Harper. You don’t want to Lorena for him if you can avoid it so I like to max it out on him so I have the option of ignoring him to pick up gassy twists – or just top deck him normal.

    I’m surprised you’re not running any To Me My X-Men; I think that’s the best card in the deck. Press is the big draw of X-Men here IMO. I’m curious what your rationale is.

    What characters did you add and what’s your ideal curve in your build?

    Care to post a list?



  4. If mulligan condition is Lorena, running fewer than 4 Optitron is wrong.

    Thinking about it now, Time Breach doesn’t seem all that hot…

    I’d turn 4 SNIKT into 2 Turnabout 2 SNIKT at the least; this won’t be a deck where you do an awful lot of stacking pump upon pump, so I think you want precision over quantity in this area.

    A singleton Bamf, or maybe a pair of them, might be nice to have as well. Again, Argus + Lorena + School means you’re seeing enough cards you can run 2-ofs and have them function as 4-ofs when you need them and 0-ofs when you don’t.

    You might be right about Hawk/Dove… though I think you definitely need cheap guys to run out on a crucial Roy turn. I’d at least add 1 Shadowcat Phase Shifter in the deck.

  5. I dont have my origional list anymore, I made a few changes after reading yours.

    my curve was 4-5 different 1 drops (mainly to test out the cheap Xmen who I hadnt played with, didnt know who was best. also wanted more flexability with my 3rd resource point from time breach). I think Jubilie MVL, Shadowcat MVL, Dove DCL, +1-2 more. 2 drops would have been Tim Drake DCL, Hank Hall, Bishop MOR, Cyclops MORx2-3 (team attack theme), Lorenax4.

    3 drops were 4 logan and 2-3 roy.

    4 drops were 2 terra, 1 Tim Drake DCL

    5 drop 1 garth.

    6 drop 1 colossus.

    thats the best i can think of off hand. I definately dont think that team attacking is the way to go with Lorena, it should definately be more of a controlish build.

    My main reason to not use “to me my Xmen” was mainly due to the team attack focus. I wanted to get everything i could out of teen titans go/battle tactics/bamf. may have been an oversight on my part, but it didnt make the first cut. Roy i believe I had 2-3 roys because my main 3 drop was going to be Logan, and drop roy later in a big off curve turn.

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