Posted by: thederangedbear | November 13, 2008

Super Saturday

I asked Erick ‘erick’ Reyes what format Super Saturday at SoCal is going to be. I’ve been really looking forward for a large scale VS event ever since Gday and Spud’s awesome Battle of the Border tournament reports. As of now it’s probably going to be sometime in January, and I’m definitely looking to make the trip there.

I asked the big monkey about the format, and Erick said probably, maybe, possibly Bronze Age which is:

MEV – when it rotates in –

(And of course all the small sets.)

This post originally started out as speculation about the new format – which I know Erick likes quite a bit… until I came to the realization that Bronze Age is a terrible format. The difference between Silver Age and Bronze age is Heralds of Galactus – of which only two teams are good enough to see play at the top level – and Legion of Superheroes which seems no play.

So the difference between Silver Age and Bronze Age is basically Moloids? Why not just play Silver Age and indulge the people who want to play the Future Foes… snicker…

My Suggestion for Super Saturday

One format I’ve always been curious about is the no Origins format. All sets are legal except Marvel and DC Origins. Same banned list, but maybe you pre-emptively ban Surrounded? I would do this on principle since there are a lot of free characters floating around. Remember the Insiders deck I posted for April Fools day?

The way I look at it: Most of the unfun Golden Age cards stem from Origins: Puppet Master, Reign of Terror, Rigged Election, Cosmic Radiation.

At the same time, there are a lot of interesting and fun cards and teams that get cut off from the ever-widening Silver Age/Golden Age schism lsuch as the X-Statix.

The addition of the older non-Origin sets also introduces a lot of powerful answers to threats. Is Wolverine to the face pissing you off? System Failure him. Don’t like the Fate Artifacts? Play Jester or Meltdown. Don’t like the Trinity? Black Panther for an Atlantean Trident and rush that shit DOWN!

The best part is that while there is a lot of deckbuilding depth for those looking for a competitive fix, there is also a lot of incentive for casual and creative players, who can combine new and old interpretations of popular teams such as Secret Society, Marvel Knights, and Team Superman into something more spectacular.

There’s something very refreshing about digging out old cards. I’m sure it’s not just me. I might try to run something like this as a tourney to convince Erick.

Anyways, just a thought: I know Erick ‘never’ reads this blog. Hopefully he ‘won’t’ read it today…



PS: Actually, I don’t care about people and their random favorite goofy teams… I just want to Enemy of my Enemy for stuff. : )



  1. What does Black Panther for a Trident do for you?

  2. You search out a four drop on turn three that gets larger, then you laugh at them for playing cards that cost five.

  3. I must be missing something here, because I still have NO idea what you’re talking about. Since when is a 7/4 a 4-drop? That’s an awful 4-drop. And Panther w/Trident doesn’t even cost 4. He costs 3.

    *so very, very confused*

  4. What I was trying to say, is that if you’re annoyed with all the mind games of the trinity… you have the option of just playing a really big three drop and attacking them.

    You have the option of doing so in other formats too, but Black Panther is just a really bad ass card so I used him to illustrate this point.

  5. Golden Age is great. Esp with all the older sets being so cheap, you can get new players into the game with a couple boxes of JLA for 30$, better than droping 200 on the new sets.

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