Posted by: thederangedbear | November 13, 2008

Buckshot! Part Two

Got a comment today:

“Have you considered anything for Modern Age yet? Would be extremely intrested in your thoughts.”

Let’s see:

Disregarding DWF – which will soon rotate into MEV, which we know very little about -, Modern consists of MVL, DCL, and MUN. Let’s take a look at what these sets can offer the lock.


What deck can’t be made better by the Illuminati?

Our first ‘must play’ Bucky starts at four, and there are lots of great Illuminati characters with cost three or less.

The best one is Sub-Mariner, Protector of the Soul Gem. Not only does he allow you to stack Frog of Thunder on top of your deck, but he allows you to play Atlantis which is incredibly. Mr. Fantastic can help you draw cards to feed your Frog of Thunder too.

Sub-Mariner, Atlantis, and Black Manta is a perma lock – provided they don’t have disruption or you don’t run out of cards.

Clash of Worlds

Clash of Worlds to double up on Buckies or Black Mantas to set up.

I personally don’t really like Clash of Worlds personally. In my experience, the card has this interesting dichotomy of being both a card crucial to functioning and a terrible card at the same time.

Clash of Worlds also lets you set up a permalock too, but I personally am very adverse to playing it. This deck already seems very vulnerable to disruption, and you don’t want to have more ways to lose to yourself.

Aquaman + Poisedonis

Aquaman is a free Frog of Thunder in that he recurs and pays for a copy of the card. The problem with Aquaman + Poseidonis set up is that it’s slow and Aquaman is pretty bad after he comes into play.


This is basically Remote Facility + Floronic Man spam along with Namorita. This bleeds cards out of your hand even more, but seems like it could be a potentially viable route.

Win Condition

I think you wanted a deciated eight drop – probably Ghost Rider to pick up all the guys you didn’t shoot – but I’m sure if you keep shooting their board you can lethal with your onboards without too much trouble.

What MEV May Come

We don’t know what exactly MEV offers yet, but if you are interested in playing this archetype I would look for re-usable draw effects, recursion, and search.

For example, some cards we know of that I think have potential (no badboy2):

Black Manta and this card is also a lock too. You dont really care about the heavy exhaust cost since you’re not in too much of a rush to attack early. SRA and a single X-Force character fulfills the stamp too.

There are certain timing issues – Frog is playable only during the build – but definitely might be good enough… really depends on what X-Force has I think.

Aurora also lets you play Alpha Flight Reborn which is sick. This seems pretty good. Plus you can play Beta Ray Bill on seven – who has awesome synergy with Frog of Thunder spam – to clean up the board.

I think Gday just came. Ew…

Anyways, hope this helped! Trade for those Frogs while they’re still ‘bad’!





  1. You silly boy…

    I think I have a foil Frog in my trade binder; but it’s kinda hard to trade him with the Realms down. šŸ˜‰

  2. I appreciate the help. I’ve only got 1 more James Barnes and 1 more Frog of Thunder to go and those should be on their way by now. Should have 2 more Alpha Flight: Reborn on the way as well so I may look that direction. Thanks again.

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