Posted by: thederangedbear | November 11, 2008

LoLo : )

Tommy Ashton was bouncing some BYO2T ideas off on me. Tommy is really, really, REALLY smart – no shit Sherlock? – and all of his ideas were really good and I eagerly listened trying to find a deck to barn off him.

Unfortunately, none were really quite my style as they involved too much attacking…

This one was though:

I have a weakness for big bootied Latin women -my BFF RocketGurl – and Lorena (LoLo) is no exception. Let’s make a quick list of who else we can ready off the school.


Haha, these two are enough to justify playing the card, but we also have these guys too:


But Roy, readying off Xavier’s School, then KOing the school to shoot someone else so you can flip another one is pretty awesome.

You also get Press the Attack in To Me, My X-Men, which is somewhat good with our Sharpshooter…


Keep in mind this list is subject to my own biases: I prefer a more controlling version of Titans that blunts the opponents ‘big turn’ with Roy Harper stuns before going for the kill. The Titans and X-Men have a great selection of weenies though and it’s quite possible to take this combination a multitude of different routes.

Two Drops
Cyclops, Slim
Tim Drake
Sabertooth, Age of Apocalypse

Three Drops
Beast Boy
Roy Harper
Beast, Bookworm
Hawk + Dove
– I can’t remember why, but there’s a first good reason for playing more copies of Hawk then Dove…

Four Drops
Red Star

Five Drops
Garth – Dont think anyone else comes close.

Six Drops
Koriand’r – It’s surprisingly how many people forget this card exists
Rogue, Powerhouse – if you get off on win more plays
Colossus, Peter Rasputin – cause of LoLo/Argus
Mimic – copies Roy and Garth : )

Thought: Is Phantasm any good?

Like, I tried him once in Golden Age and he was predictably nine types of terrible, but it seems much easier to enable him now with School.

Plus, what’s the point of playing old school cards if you can’t beat people with random stuff that makes them go: “LOL WTF IS THIS?”

I suspect that if I choose to play him/her/it, Phantasm will take up the same slots that Beast Boy would.

Anyhow, most of your curve builds itself though. As you can see from the above list, you’re not really want for playable characters-

-or quality support for that matter:

Fastball Special
Time Breach
Children of the Atom
To Me, My X-Men
Teen Titans Go
Phoenix Rising
Heroic Sacrifice

Titan’s Tower
Xavier’s School
Xavier Institute
USS Argus

Blackbird Blue

The one thing you don’t have is a pure search card, although Lorena and Xavier’s School is quite good at fixing your curve. To that extent, I think you have to play Optitron despite it being terrible.

I’m worried about whether or not this deck can beat rush. Activating Ravager off School with Terra providing Cover Fire seems like it would be enough to blunt any early assault, but who knows?

I’m probably going to try this for BYO2T since it’s a lot cheaper to build then Society/X…





  1. Perhaps Phantasm would be good in a Jean grey build that focuses on filling the KO’d Pile, a 10 ATK 3 drop and a massive 5 drop could be pretty sweet…

  2. I think having Rose Wilson, or Argent + Wolverine, followed by Terra is pretty nice against anything aggressive. I’d consider at least one copy of Muir Island in the deck. You probably want 4-ofs of the School, Argus, Optitron (okay maybe only 3), TTG and Press; I think a smattering of singletons like Muir Island, Xavier’s Institute or Heroic Sacrifice would be nice as well. I think 4 Lorena 4 Argent 1 Slim 1 Tim (DOR) is enough for 2-drops; 4 Logan 4 Roy 1+ Rose 1 Hawk 1 Dove at 3; 4 Terra, ~4 Garth and then a Koriandr for the rest. I’m sure that leaves you room for plenty of things like 3-4 Children of the Atom, 2 Time Breach, etc.

    I am prrrrretty sure this is better than Cosmic Radiation Titans for the format… though, with Garth involved…

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