Posted by: thederangedbear | November 9, 2008


Kev and I got on the topic of Buckshot again after seeing a thread about it on VSRealms.

Kev seems to really like the deck: He’s trading for Frog of Thunders and Bucky. If we have some OP in the future, I highly suggest you guys pick them up too asap as the deck is so cool.

Anyways… it doesn’t look like we’re going to have a Silver Age event any time soon, so I’ve decided to play this for our Last Clone Saga even this Sunday – since Kev can’t go for work.

(If Kev was going, I would’ve played the SRA rush Tommy Ashton posted on VSRealms – Bullseye, #1 with a Bullet is tech.)

The practical benefit of cloning, is the ability to double up on Black Manta or Bucky – any combination of them totalling three is a lock out for the rest of the game.

Here’s my list for clones at this moment:

Characters: 26
1x Mr Mxyptzlk, Troublsome Trickster
4x Black Cat
4x Night Thrahser
4x Dr Doom, Richard’s Rival
2x Oracle
4x James Barnes, Out in the Cold
4x Black Manta
2x The Phantom Stranger
1x Dr Doom, Latverian Monarch

Plot Twists: 26
4x Mobilize
4x Omnipotence
4x Straight to the Grave
4x Team-Up – Kev likes UM so you can move Manta and Bucky, I like SRA for the shuffle and draw
4x Frog of Thunder
3x Pathetic Attempt
2x Death of the Dream
1x Have a Blast

Locations: 8
4x Empire State University
4x Soul World

The win is pretty straight forward: If you can KO the majority of your opponent’s board, our eight’s double swing ability will let us end the game really fast.

We’ll see though.





  1. How do you afford the re-buys of Frog of Thunder and Soul World? Does doubling Bucky make that less necessary?

    I expected to see Messiah Complex in your list to help keep up your life.

  2. Have you considered anything for Modern Age yet? Would be extremely intrested in your thoughts.

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