Posted by: thederangedbear | November 7, 2008

Custom License Plate

I’ve been thinking of getting a custom license plate ever since I saw DaveG’s at Stockton – his is BENZFTW. I want something personal and representative of who I am. Here are a few of the ideas I’m thinking of:


Straight forward. Might be kind of gay and be mis-interpreted.


This is one strictly for geeks. Would definitely get a few chuckles from those in the know.


Um. Maybe?


This one seems kinda cool!

Imagine: I cut someone off on the freeway! They get pissed and get ready to blast their horn and flip me the bird when they see my license plate.

Uncontrollably, they will hear the phrase “Ooh snap!” as in “Ooh snap you got PWNT!” in their head. I personally imagine it will be an old black lady saying it which increases the ownagification many times. Demoralized they resign themselves to their meager lot in life.


Haha, this one came to me out of nowhere! It has me laughing as I’m writing this so it has to be good!

If I can get the first letter lower cased like iPod that would be the best. I guess it’s appropriate since the car is black.


Very cute, but let’s examine how it would work outside of geekdom:


Attractive Female Digusted by Pedophiles: “What’s with your license plate?”

Pedober: “Uh…Oh! It’s the name of a foot disease.”

Attractive Female Digusted by Pedophiles: “Eww gross!”


Attractive Female Digusted by Pedophiles: “What with your license plate?”

Me: “Oh, why, when I was little my childhood name used to be play-dough bear because I’m brown.”

Attractive Female Digusted by Pedophiles: “Wow you’re so cute! I love playdough!”

Me: “What a coincidence I love vagina.”

; )


Kinda gay too.


Too bad I’m a prude.

But yeah! Which ones do you guys like? Any good suggestions? Looking for something humorous here!





  1. URS1NE




  2. Actually, In Virginia they sell the ‘Put Kids First’ license plate.. that’d be sure to draw some attention… actually.. come to google it, alot of states offer the same thing actually… XD

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