Posted by: thederangedbear | November 5, 2008

American Maid Prison

Or we can call it Ra’s al Ghul’s harem! Just something cute for your BYO2T event, even if it’s probably not very good…

Remember this card:

Whenever Whisper A’Daire causes breakthrough to a player, that player chooses a card from his hand and puts it on the top of his deck. If you control seven or more resources, instead, that player puts all cards in his hand on the top of his deck in any order.”

This girl is really good if you can get her ability to trigger. Unfortunately, she has a lower then average attack and it only triggers on turn seven.

So sad; if only there was some way to trigger her ability early.

Maybe say with:

and then:

Oh wow, she’s a four drop… nice curves. Giggity!

The Deck

So we’re stuck with Thunderbolts and League of Assasins, they have some good overlap. Other then the whole Thunderbolts Mountain shennanigans, you also have Lady Shiva or Merlyn and Lady Deathestrike. Maybe something like:

Characters: 30
4x Bullseye – Lester
4x Erik Josten ♦ Atlas – Kosmos Convict
2x Talia – Beloved Betrayer
4x Speed Demon – Second Chance Speedster
2x Ubu
4x Katrina Luisa Van Horne ♦ Amazon – Unrepentant Hero
1x Bullseye – Closer to God
4x Whisper A’Daire – Cold-Blooded Manipulator
1x Nyssa Raatko – Daughter of the Demon
1x Melissa Gold ♦ Songbird – Caged Angel
1x Genis-Vell ♦ Captain Marvel – Son of Mar-Vell
1x Lady Shiva – Master Assassin
1x Ra’s al Ghul – The Demon’s Head

Plot Twists: 13
4x The Demon’s Head
4x Tower of Babel
3x Collect Them All!
2x Project Liberator

Locations: 15
4x Mountain Stronghold
4x Thunderbolts Mountain
3x Flying Fortress
2x Lazarus Pit, Death’s Door
1x Plague Zone – Non-Unique
1x Pit of Madness
1x Mech Bay

Or something like that!





  1. Won’t effects like Tower of Babel and Ra’s al Ghul hurt you without a team-up in play since they strip affiliations from all players?

    The Wrong Stuff might warrant inclusion then. You have to control a Thunderbolts character in play but the second affiliation comes off a discard rather than having another team in play. I think that could be really good for this deck since you seem to be focused on playing primarily Thunderbolts through turn 4. It opens up the LoA effects early with a Thunderbolts curve and could help around Loyalty issues that might arise late.

  2. This deck is for BYO2T – all your characters are cross’d over from the start of the game.

  3. Talia beloved betrayer seems better than the growing 2 drop.

    Aside from that, seems like an awesome concept. whisper has a great ability

  4. That’s legit.

    I really like Erik Joston; the only real difference is one point of damage on the first turn. On turn three where you’re forced to make recovery decisions he’ll be the same size as Talia.

    If you somehow manage to make it past that turn three recovery phase without losing him, I think he makes up for the statage difference.

    This is just preference though, both characters are very good.

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