Posted by: thederangedbear | November 5, 2008

Battle of the Bearder

Battle of the Border is this weekend. I wish I could go, but unfortunately I’m more broke then Frankie Raye. (lame!) WE NEED SOME OP UDE!!!! RAWR BEAR SMASH!!!

Here’s what I would want to play for the main event which is BYOT Golden. Not specifically as I’d want to play it out more, but in general terms:

Characters: 31
12x The Hand
4x Jaime Reyes
2x AIM Agents
4x Bucky
4x Master Man
1x Gorgon
1x Kingpin
1x The Sleeper
1x The Beyonder

Plot Twists: 20

4x Mobilize
4x Omnipotence
3x Pathetic Attempt
3x Call in a Favor
2x Death of the Dream
2x Untouchable
1x Have a Blast

Location: 7
3x Alias Investigations
2x Birthing Chamber
2x Damocles

Equipment: 2

1x Armed Escort
1x Catcher’s Mitt

I’m too lazy to autocard, but I thought I’d put this one up since I didn’t know this card existed until recently:

Anyways the addition of equipments might seem somewhat weird, but both of them are really good.

Master Man with an Armed Escort on him is a lot of fun. It’s no reset, but it really disincentivizes your opponent from attacking. When your four drop jumps to the slightly smaller then the size of a six drop at the first attack… bad times. Free Knightmare Scenario ftw.

As for Catcher’s Mitt, it has quite a few applications. It can come out of nowhere and dominate the game, but you can also play it on Master Man to ensure that your opponent can’t ever pump you to death.


So we have a bad ass fighter. What’s next? Two major concerns.

First, we need make sure your opponent has no way of getting around him. Thus the Pathetic Attempts and Untouchable. Omnipotence also covers that too, but I prefer to use Omnipotence more aggressively.

The other, is to make sure you can actually win. Master Man might be godlike on defense, but he’s miserable on the attack. You need something to capitalize on that stalling into, otherwise your opponent can just bide his time and kill you in one turn.

Kingpin on seven and Sleeper on eight is usually enough to end the game that turn.

Couple of Guys, Who Were Up to No Good

Blade. Divinity. High Society.

Of course, we have a plan for them. Catcher’s Mitt + Bucky Barnes! This requires you to do some clever flying, and you’re more or less committed to replaying Bucky for the rest of the game but it’s pretty solid.

Battle of the Jerkface

I’m not really sure how competitive Battle of the Border would be. This list takes itself seriously packing the full Trinity but… I have no idea how serious BotB will end up being. It could be that this list would annoy people infinitely.

I will say that if you are out for blood at BotB, play the Trinity. It’s even better in this format somehow!




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