Posted by: thederangedbear | November 4, 2008

Secret Society + League of Assasins

Less politics more VS!

I was trying to build a Secret Society deck for BYO2T, here’s some interesting issues that I’ve run into which I think need to be resolved for a coherent and strong build:

Deadshot or No

This is the biggest question IMO.

Paul Kirk
Forced Conscription

Dr Sivanna

I’ve been able to assemble Deadshot on three fairly consistently, but not under pressure. Generally, it involves a Forced Conscription and Chemoing yourself along with a variety of other things.

As Deadshot requires you to play some amount of ‘filler’ cards to enable his ability, not playing the shooter allows you to do things like play Dr Sivanna and fill in your deck with cards that do stuf.

Right now I am playing Deadshot in my Society League. The Demon’s Head to Hidden HQ is a nice way to get Deadshot ready. It’s certainly no Helm of Nabu, and sometimes though you need to make these unnecessary plays – like the aforementioned Chemoing yourself, or pre-emptively using search effects without knowing what drops you’re going to miss.

Even then Deadshot has been total worth it to me. He’s even better in BYO2T because there’s no Cloak of Nabu or Pathetic Attempt. Three drops tend to do a lot of fixing – Ahmed, Oracle – and a timely headshot is often GG. (Definite GG in case of Ahmed.)

Counters or No

The question here is do you prefer Sinister Citadel or Agility. Both of them feed off the same resource. You can play both certainly, but you really lose out on the ability to use them to their fullest.

Sinister Citadel forces you to play leaders, but that’s really not a drawback. Lex Luthor, Criminal Genius is absurd. Start of combat, you can bring use Ivy to bring Paul Kirk next to him, and free Charaxes near him. This guy will generally always be a 10/10 and if you have Sinister Citadel too he gets even more insane.

You also are ‘forced’ to play Scarecrow and Gorilla Grodd to maximize the leader synergy, which again…not really a drawback, although not playing Black Manta is sometimes annoying.

Agility on the other hand, gives you more bang for your buck. If your opponent KOs Lex Luthor and you’re trying to make him big with Sinister Citadel, you’re going to look like a moron. Agility however doesn’t force you to invest. Not only that but you don’t need to wait multiple turns for it to pay off.

It also has great synergy with all the mill effects.

Right now, I’m not playing Sinister Citadel. This has to do a bit with Deadshot I think – Forced Conscription also helps you find Agility – but I’ll toggle it around later. I definitely enjoy building counters as it just suits my play style more.

Ugly Fat Friend

This is just the Society half, and BYO2T is of course… about two teams.

One nice thing about Society is that all your drops are grade A as are your effects. Consequently, you can just look to cherry pick the best effects from another team as opposed to look toward it to plug your holes.

With that said, I feel what you do need is unclear. Some form of weenie hate is perhaps the only thing I can think of. My current list has like two LoA characters neither of which I ever find myself recruiting, but the Demon’s Head has been really good to me and I guess Tower of Babel potentially could be a blowout.

X-Men might be a good addition, with Lex Luthor, Criminal Genius being a great way to enable To Me, My X-Men. Phoenix Rising is great with milling, and Black Manta rebuying recovery is also good times. Plus you get Snikt too which is one of the bigger team stamped pumps!

More playing will tell.




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