Posted by: thederangedbear | November 2, 2008

No Theme-

Haha, I got my weight below 205 yesterday but I ate a pair of Chipotle Grill Burritos! I’m not looking forward to checking my weight today now, but whatever; life is short!

Last weekend was Pro Tour: Berlin! Man I miss playing a VS tourney. Luckily, there’s a GoB Clone event today to keep my fix.

Originally, I had some really cool list that I wanted to try but since Miguel isn’t going I’ve opted for a deck which I can assemble – Spider-Friends and Illuminati. Elektra Situation should be good today.

Yesterday, I put together a first draft of Secret Society and League of Assasins. Maybe it’s just because of the decks I played, but Tower of Babel isn’t nearly the blowout I thought it was – I thought this card blanked all non-LoA affiliations during the combat phase, but it only stops it when they’re attacking. It’s still good, but I haven’t had a situation where it’s really hit the spot.

However, Agility seems insane in this format because of how small the size of pumps are. Definitely going to retool it a bit more. Recurring Agilities on Lex Luthor is awesome!

See you tomorrow!





  1. Gratz on sneaking under 205… You’re a lighter man than I, sir šŸ˜‰ I’m hovering around the 250lb mark myself.

  2. Life is even shorter when you’re rocking 2x Chipotle

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