Posted by: thederangedbear | October 30, 2008

MULing over the Fantastic Four

Another quick review:


Invisible Woman

At first I thought she was pretty bad. The Fantastic Four as a team is a deck that looks to brawl with awesome pumps and great stats so you probably really don’t want to hide them. She works as hidden hate too, but that isn’t enough to make you play it over the three drop or the incredible Luke Cage at two.

However, I don’t think there’s ever been an easier universal way to hide your character; no team-stamp, discard, no waiting till recovery, no waiting till turn four… just mill four cards.

At two cost, it might be a bit hard to hit consistently – unless you set up and underdrop on three turn – but that works fine since there are plenty of four drops you’d want to hide – Ronan, Doom, Joker.

Playable – Role Player



Invulnerability is an underrated effect, the ability to generate it anywhere is a big deal.

I think this card is good. Not in the sense that it’s a card I would enjoy playing but look at it this way: Invulnerability can prolong the game so you can get to your later turns, which involves a large seven drop that likes having lots of cards in the removed from game pile. That’s some nice synergy right there.

Playable – Role Player


Black Bolt

A 16/16 flier with range is already pretty good.

This card is awesome with Final Decree. Clear your row first, and if you have anything suboptimal you can use his power to fix it away until you get what you want.

There’s another application to his power too: Since his power effects all players, if you can mill your opponent’s deck to a suitably low level this effect can act as a resource destruction effect.

Perhaps something like Darkseid’s Elite – to burn through your opponent’s deck while also stranding ace downs – along with the Ultimates to speed-up the milling? Doesn’t sound good but certainly seems fun!

Constructed – Role Player


(I believe this is the image that is used on the card.)

Dr. Doom

Cost: 6
Team: Doom
F/R: Y/Y
11/13, Visible
Activate, Remove from the game any number of cards from the top of your deck: Exhaust target character unless it’s controller removes more cards from the top of his deck.

If you examine this card independent of itself, doesn’t stack up too well with Dr. Doom, Sorcerous Savant.

I also don’t really like his stats. 11 ATK 13 DEF seems really clunky to me – sorry Terrax : (

It’s potential to mill 13 cards is quite good if you plan on following him up with Black Bolt and use his ability to smash the resource row. On the flip side it’s really hard to say no to a built in Mystical Paralysis.

The problem with these type of effects is that since your opponent gets to pick which happens which means it has the potential to do absolutely nothing. Nonetheless, I could see it being quite potent in the right deck.

Playable – Role Player





  1. because so many people run search and toolbox cards now, remove from game effects are pretty powerful. Get your guy exhausted or risk losing your only sentry?

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