Posted by: thederangedbear | October 29, 2008

I Got Five On It

I love control.

All this talk of how insane rush is and I started to wonder about how to build a control deck. I haven’t been used to playing Golden Age so the Fearsome Five didn’t immediately come to mind, but when it did it struck like lightning.

Did you know that The Underworld Star costs one? It might be the best search effect ever in BYOT. Dr. Light – Arthur Light gives you the huge late game kill condition we need while also being one of the best board control effects ever. Shimmer – Selinda Flinders is insane letting you underdrop on an on-initiative turn – so you can cream the opposition when it’s off initiative with Dr. Light – and Psimon – Dr. Simon Jones is a lock and a half.

So where do we go from here?

Green Lantern Corp

Shimmer offers us a Rain of Acorns effect which allows us to do a lot of life gain. Given that Glock already underdrops fairly aggressively, it also has good synergy with Dr. Light, since you have lots of good low cost characters along with recovery effects.


To Me, My X-Men lets you ready Dr. Light, while Rogue and Mimic let you copy his power. Xavier’s School re-readies Shimmer.


Lots of exhausting, Blade lets you hold characters down. I sketched out a list and Spider-Man, Zombie looks very promising here. You also get Nice Try to protect Shimmer – just in case they get any idea, plus Dr. Light loves free characters.

Potential? I guess it depends if it’s fast enough to hold the rush. EvilDave posted about Secret Society League of Assasins, and I think this is a very good deck. Chemo to replace TNBs and Lost City, Tower of Babel to shut down opposing effects. Probably the deck Im going to play.





  1. I think Fearsome Five with either spider friends or HoG would make a great control deck.

    Shimmer for on initiative, spidy/gift wrapped for off. Only issue i see is that shimmer is the same cost as black cat/ blade, so you’d have to underdrop them.

    HOG also has good stall (but few low drops to dump to shimmer), but you could put galactus out via Dr light a turn early.

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