Posted by: thederangedbear | October 28, 2008

Quickie! #2

Because orkway is oringbay.

TBZ says that Quicksilver has some sort of application besides getting buttsexed.

So here I am thinking… what?

The cleverest thing I can think of with this guy is you can stun this guy him in the build phase to get multiples of him.

Other then not dying what else does he do? Spud says I wasn’t clear enough about the whole auto-recovery thing in my post and that his ability is due to his flavor text – not sticking around after the fight.

I think Spud is right.

I am going to curl into a fetal position and do some coloring now.

Doo doo doo-

This is probably my favoritest VS cards in awhile. I’m personally am not a fan for ‘slick’ characters – except maybe Dante from Devil May Cry, but this card makes me a happy Panda.

The art they chose is clean. This is a huge deal that doesn’t get brought up enough, popular characters should not only have good cards, but the good incarnations of them should have some bad ass art too.

For me, personally… I was seriously considering getting back into Magic just because of this one card:

(That and Rafiq of the Many… jeebus I would love to stick an Armadillo Cloak on that guy.)

It’s not like Kiss of the Amesha is a good card, or anything: It’s not. Even in limited, outside of you drafting Eisel style 5 color control – it costs a lot of mana and is cumbersome because it’s sorcery speed.

What this card has is oodles of flavor. The picture and the flavor text are sick. It seems so weird that I would get back into a game to play a card that is unplayable… a testament to how important art is.

On the flip side:

(Isn’t this card from Larocca?)

Sure, this guy might be insane if you have Poison Ivy, Haywire, and Puppet Master next to him but this guy looks like a tool. I mean, I love Cyclops but this card is embarassing to play. He looks like a total putz. Even his version is kinda goofy.

Gambit, however looks bad ass, as he should be. Great choice of art here. More then that, the flavor seems right on; discard a card to blow up some face. Simple and clean.

As for the card itself, The most important thing about this guy is that he’s a 13/12. These are good stats. Stats that say even if I mess up, I won’t let you down.

This card reminds me of Dr. Doom, Sorcerous Savant. You have a very good body – no homo – with an extremely situational but very potent ability. It’s definitely way more narrower then Doom, but way more powerful too.

Beyond that, he’s Gambit which means you have to factor in that he’s going to have legendary support too. He’s already quite solid and can only get better from this point on.

As for the ability itself, I think he would be really good in Golden Age in some sort of Calabreese Deadshot deck – replacing Terrax perhaps? – where it’s easy to empty out your hand with Helm, Teddy Bear, and Enemy, and you have all these rebuy locations to guarantee his ability will hit.





  1. happy halloween!

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