Posted by: thederangedbear | October 27, 2008

Last MUL Review: The Brotherhood

Constructed Unplayable
This card should not be played in Constructed under any normal circumstances and will never be found in a competitive Constructed deck.

Playable – Role Player
This card is either unspectacular and competing with cards that do the same thing more efficiently, or useful in only a limited number of decks. For whatever reason (redundancy, lack of better alternatives), the card is good enough to fill a role in a reasonable Constructed deck.

Playable — Staple
This card is played in whatever decks and strategies where it would be appropriate, almost without question. When the card is absent, we start asking questions.

Playable — Flagship
This card has a powerful or unique effect, so much so that we build decks around it rather than fitting it into decks. Quite often the presence of this card allows for new archetypes to be explored. In some cases, those archetypes are not very good (but without their flagships, we would never even ask the question).

Let’s go!


This guy reminds me quite a bit of Magneto – House of M. The big question you need to ask yourself with this card is: “How much equipment do I play against that don’t have the suffix ‘… of Nabu’?”

In return for it’s higher cost, Magneto lets you completely decimate equipment decks. We really haven’t seen that many equipment decks, but if you’re getting trounced by Fantastic Fun at your Hobby League this card will probably be much better for you.

I really would have liked to see him with 10 DEF though. His ability is already very niche, and given that Magneto is a popular legend I don’t think it would’ve been too bad for the game if he were a bit harder to stun.

(Keep in mind, if you KO him in response to his come into play trigger the equipments won’t come back.)

Playable – Role Player


Great picture!

I actually really like this card. As you’ll see later on, the Ultimates have developed a small theme of milling the opposition’s deck too.

Think of this chick as Forced Conscription to Triskellion’s Slaughter Swamp. You can use her to set up your Triskellion then use Triskellion to replay her allowing you to fill up your removed from game pile to set up a perfect game.

While her role is very specific, if you are playing any sort of deck that eagerly looks toward moving cards to the RFG zone… you need her.

Playable – Staple


I think this guy is terrible am I missing something?

He has a few good things going for him. First of all, he’s a Ultimates AND S.H.I.E.L.D two drop. Clint alone doesn’t cut in my book, and Petey is both. Being able to discard on time for Liberation Day and Captain America are both pretty critical.


In any sort of Brotherhood rush deck, his ATK to cost ratio is too low – plus he has uniqueness issues with the free one.

For a SHIELD Deck, there are presently three other SHIELD two drops that are pretty good at actually being relavent.

This guy needs someone to babysit him – flavor? – which is kind of lame since in constructed you want independent strength. His recovery ability makes him an awesome target for substitute however.

It’s hard for me to rate this guy unplayable, because I can see myself playing him because of his affiliation and version.

Playable – Role Player





  1. Quickie has a purpose, and i think it’s rather obvious… doesn’t mean he’s good, but the flavor is there.

    LOOK HARDER!!! 🙂

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