Posted by: thederangedbear | October 26, 2008

Here’s A Question-

I was at the local Borders today working on a paper. Half way I decided that this was WAY too boring so I decided to start flesh out the topics I wanted to write about this week for le bloge.

One of them was an Ultimates decks. I figure that now that we have access to what all the Ultimates cards it makes sense to actually try to build one.

So I was writing, revising, and going through the deck and I was like: “Hm… this actually looks kinda good.” The more I looked over the deck the better it seemed and I decided: I was going to build this deck.

So I drove down to our local comic card shop hoping to pick up some of the Ultimates cards. Since I want to do another EA review I decided to try to procure a single copy of each of the new prize cards so I could scan them for my future reviews.

Anyways, Linda – the lady who runs the store – opened up the kit and I noticed that all the new rares – Cyclops, From the Ashes, Dr. Doom, and Shadowcat were all gone.

I asked around and apparently, it wasn’t purchased by either Crash, Kevin, or Big To.

So who could it be?

And why aren’t these individuals – as I came to understand it there are quite few of these people – attending our tournaments?





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