Posted by: thederangedbear | October 21, 2008

Techno-Organic Virus

No one reads preview articles anyways so here’s the card:


Pretty amazing right?

So what’s the TO Virus and how does it related to Cable?

Well, Mr. Sinister had orchestrated Cable’s birth in order to use him as a weapon against Apocalypse. Big blue was afraid that the child of Cyclops and Jean Grey would be too powerful so he decided to infest him with a Techno Organic Virus which would slowly kill him.

The Virus gradually turned Cable’s into something akin to a borg drone – the metal part of his body. Cable would learn at a young age to use his telekinesis to supress the movement of the virus, which meant he was unable to use his psionics as freely as Nate Grey was as – it was constantly used to halt the TO virus. Whenever he would exert himself the virus would sprawl out of control – think of Cable’s win pose from Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Later Cable expels the virus and becomes pretty godlike.

The art itself reflects I believe the third or fourth arc of the Cable and Deadpool series, where Wade tries to fix Cable up after he gets torn up by the Silver Surfer – Cable’s so badass he gave the Surfer a run for his money.

(strong nerd)


The big thing is that this card is very easy to use. Traditionally effects like Splintering Consciousness or Fervent Research have had a restriction on usage, you can play this card from anywhere without needing to exhaust anyone.

This makes it very friendly with recursion effects, most notably with characters like Black Manta – Underwater Marauder or Emma Frost – Friend or Foe.

Man, can you imagine Emma Frost – Friend or Foe on five followed by Cable, Temporal Traveler on six? That’s 18 cards you’re looking at! There has never been a card that in one shot could potentially draw you so many cards so easily.

What is more insane is that you can potentially chain all these copies into another. Play one, get another one, play it, get another one. Play it late enough and you could draw your whole deck.

So what are you going to do with all these cards? Play a bunch of pumps and go to town of course! As you’ll see later in the week there are a lot of awesome combat oriented plot twists that both Cable and X-Force have.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with launching a quartet of the good old Savage Beatdown. )

Of course the Techno Organic Virus isn’t all just pwnage and crushing; it also has a pretty hefty discard to it. If you’re not cognizant of it, you can easily find yourself without a drop for the next turn. Still, I’m a big believer of the philosophy that it’s okay to miss drops as long as you can apply pumps that make up the difference in ATK, which is something this card offers.

Still, it’s quite easy to build your deck around the drawback. Remember how I always talk about cutting characters to run search? In a ten search twenty some character deck, this card becomes much more powerful and also lets you fix your curve.

In older formats such as Golden Age, I don’t think you’ll mind discarding when you have Soul World or Phoenix Rising.

How about discarding a character to Avalon Space Station then in response, play this card?

Moreover, think about it this way is there really any difference between drawing a low cost character or redundant location as opposed to discarding it? In both cases they’ll likely rot in your hand. Plus, if you play this card on what you anticipate to be the last turn of the game, what are you really losing except maybe power-ups?

Don’t forget about The Captain – Can’t Remember His Real Name! If you have characters you need to play that are competing with slots with Cable just play the Captain for some massive draw!



Oh wait, you don’t read Chinese?

My bad:



  1. Holy crap.

    Cable/alpha flight anyone?

  2. You win best preview article all season. Period!

    GREAT card too!


  3. I am trying to work this into a Lust for Power deck already !

    Great preview !!

  4. […] The card has one other subtle cost.  You’ve got to have plot twists in your KO’d pile that you want to play again.  If you think that will be a problem, check out today’s other preview here: […]

  5. This card is great. Work it into a deck with 20-25 characters, rest plot twists. Cable/Doom looks like a great silver age deck, and Xforce may even make Alpha flight good.

  6. Its meh at best, unless there is a Beta Ray Bill type of situation.

  7. […] and Domino as well as Born to Run on the official Facebook page. Yesterday Paul Sung treated us to Techno-Organic Virus. That was not the lot yesterday though as the guys over at Read/Rant gave us X-23 and In the Cross […]

  8. […] and Domino as well as Born to Run on the official Facebook page. Yesterday Paul Sung treated us to Techno-Organic Virus. That was not the lot yesterday though as the guys over at Read/Rant gave us X-23 and In the Cross […]

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