Posted by: thederangedbear | October 19, 2008

Get Low (drops)

I got the e-mail! Check back on Tuesday 12:00 AM in the morning for a preview! The card I’m previewing is terrible. So terrible in fact, that I’m willing to take all copies of them off your hands : )

Speaking of terrible preview cards:

I’m so judgemental. I feel like the fat old butch woman who’s telling these skinny kids that they need to lose a few extra pounds if they want to be beautiful.

Just like with Proteus, when I first saw her I was like: Wow! This chick is sick!

But then I did some thinking, and just like with Proteus I started doubling back.

First her stats: This chick is a 4 ATK 4 DEF three drop, which are the kind of stats that make a man go gay. At least Proteus had the right amount of ‘pointage’ – ATK and DEF add up to five which is standard. The Cat is one short.

The we have her ability. I feel – as many posters online have pointed out – that this chick is very similar to Nick Fury – Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Manhunter Engineer – Army… both of whom history have not been very kind to.

But let’s look at her ability from a practical standpoint.

Given that she can only shift guys who cost three or less:

Shifting one drops: Shifting a one drop is recruiting him.

Shifting two drops: Proteus and Cat behave the same, but Proteus comes into play a turn earlier.

Shifting three drops: This is where Cat excels. Thus far in the three drops we’ve seen – Spider-Man, Cat and Blink – Kitty is probably only flat out better when it comes with Blink, as Miguel and Proteus are on different spots of the curve and his ability allows you to spam him in combat, and you probably want don’t want to be using her ability on another copy of herself – fap fap fap.

Of note though, is her cost of “remove a counter” it’s entirely possible that this will be a common cost for the exiles at which case her value increases quite a bit more.

But I mean, neither Lieutenant Kona Lor – Lunatic Legion and Captain Att-Lass – Starforce are as good as Dr. Minerva, but they still saw play so there’s a good chance she’ll be play worthy as an auxiliary accelerator.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to trade for her though, at least not in the way I would Panoptichron.




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