Posted by: thederangedbear | October 17, 2008

Proteus Rhymes with ‘Dog Poop’

Buying a car is excruciating nut smashing pain. It’s an exaggeration, but I always have the eeriest feeling I’m getting hustled and tricked. Tomorrow I think I will purchase a new vehicle and hopefully it will be good – probably a 2008 Hyundai, hopefully I can afford air conditioning.

When I first saw this card I was floored: “Really UDE… did you really print a guy that essentially says ‘Activate: Gain 1 resource point.’ ”

But after thinking about this a bit more, I think Proteus really isn’t that great.

Like there’s a lot of conjecturing going on for me about the whole Exiles. But we know of at least two four drops – Mimic and Magick – and I’m sure there might be a few more, but at the very least we have Clash. Consequently, I think the whole spam four drop dot deck is going to be realistic.

Proteus takes three turns to actually generate one resource point. Not only that but he doesn’t have a very ‘combat friendly’ body. The 2/3 stat is like the biggest joke ever. It’s like a bad card that’s only good at beating bad cards essentially. You can be good in spite of that, but I mean 3/2 is infinitely better.

Compare that with Blink. Blink is explosive in what she can do. Whenever you recruit Blink, it’s like you’re generating two to six resource points immediately. Not only that but she’s immune to Omnipotence.

Now, just because Blink is good doesn’t mean Proteus isn’t but I’ve been mapping out various Blink recruit setups, and I gotta say Blink doesn’t jive very well with Proteus. Blink really rewards you for shifting out as many guys as you can.

Proteus’ power seems like it would often do nothing – if your deck is already maximized to shift a ton of guys and push them out in the same play, you’re really not getting value from his power especially since you’re constricted by your resource count when it comes to shift.

The one caveat is if a character keeps their shift counters when they’re in play. If so, using Proteus to stack a lot of counters on Blink so you can recruit her multiple times in one turn seems very good. I posted this question on a thread for TBS but I haven’t gotten a response. It seems that the answer is yes, but it’s quite possible it’s not.

Anyways, have a great weekend guys!





  1. shift counters are removed when the character enters play. I asked a similar question as well as uniqueness issues and he clarified for me. if you want i can forward you the emailed response. A few good things to know in there.

  2. find the invoice price of the car you want first, then work your way from there

  3. If shift allowed you to recruit higher than your threshold number, this card would be insane. as it is though, all this card does it help you replay guys like spiderman who shift out at cost-1 counter.

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