Posted by: thederangedbear | October 14, 2008

That’s Some Bullshift

Let’s talk about Shift, specifically Blink.

For the purposes of this article I’m going to assume you know what Shift does. Basically, Shift allows you to pay the recruit cost of a character over many turns, barring that it’s recruit cost is not greater then the threshold cost.

What is awesome about Shift is that it gives you the ability to use up the resource points for the first two turns of the game. As I have talked about non-stop, this game is won and lost on how can use their resource poitns more effectively. Shift gives you a very easy way to generate value without losing any cards.

The exciting thing about Blink is that her ability essentially generates resource points, this is quite to press, which was pretty friggin redonkulous.

So how can we take advantage of Blink?

Yellow Bus

The first thing is to shift each character with one less counter, so when Blink comes into play she resets all of them.

For example, let’s say you shift a two drop on one, and a three drop on two. On turn three you play Blink and you have a pretty sizeable early board. Of course this might be a bit too safe for most people’s tastes.


One of my favorite Magic draft archetypes was RG in Time Spiral. Basically you would draft all these suspend cards and time them so they all resolved at the same time, which you could then capitalize with Grapeshot or the infinitely more awesome Empty the Warrens.

You can do something similar with Blink too: Suspend multiple copies of her so they trigger off each other. For example:

Turn 1: Shift Blink 1 (1 counter)
Turn 2: Shift Blink 2 (2 counters)
Turn 3: Shift three four drops each with one counter.
Turn 4: Shift another four drop, then play Blink 3.

Your Blink 3 comes into play then puts a counter on all your guys. This allows the Blink you played on the second turn to come into play for free, which puts another counter on all your other guys, which allows you to play Blink 3 for free, which puts the third set of counters on all your guys, which means all four guys can come into play for free.

You can generate a grand total of 10 resource points by turn four. Four four drops and a three drop is nineteen resource points. That’s nearly double your normal alotment! Factor in Common Bond, and it’s almost possible for you to get in for lethal.

Sounds quite similar to the Kree doesn’t it?

Unlike Press however, which could play singletons of it’s high plays, Shift wants you to play multiple characters that share the same cost that coincide with your kill turn. Let’s say your ideal kill turn is turn five for example:

Turn 2: Shift a five for two
Turn 3: Shift a five for two, shift Blink for one
Turn 4: Shift a five for two, shift Blink for two
Turn 5: Shift a five for two, recruit Blink.

BAM! That’s 23 resource points worth of guys (four five drops and one three) for 15.

Pick up those Common Bond kidz!

When the spoiler comes out, take a close examination of what drop the exiles have in a surprisingly high quantity. That might just be turn we want to play for.

“No Board?”

The question then becomes: How many guys can you afford to shift. Keep in mind that Shift is an investment. If doesn’t matter how many guys you have Shifted if you can’t get them into play, somewhat similar to the Kree surviving to press out Shatterax – Starforce.

The conventional philosophy for the Kree at the time was that it could beat any deck that couldn’t beat it by turn six, and I think we will see something similar with shifting in that you have an unbeatable midgame… if you live to see it.

So what can we do?

TDC played a Spider-Friends suite at PC: Indy in order to buy them enough time to get to that crucial turn six where they could press out an unstoppable fleet.

Iceman seems like a great fit here; not only does Jack Frost help stall out the board, he really likes it when he’s the only character your opponent can attack into. With a good chunk of the eXiles having experience the X-Men affiliation – at least in terms of lore – it doesn’t seem to hard to add in some more recovery so Bobby can hold down multiple characters.

It really depends on what new cards we see, but just from what we can see so far… Blink seems really good.




What about:

Turn 1: Shift Blink 1 (1 counter)
Turn 2: Shift Blink 2 (2 counters)
Turn 3: Shift three four drops each with one counter.
Turn 4: Shift another four drop, then play Blink 3.
Turn 5: Shift a pair of six drops with three counters each.
Turn 6: Blink 1, 2, 3

Although how would you get two Blinks back to your hand? Perhaps Origin Story?

moar exiles!



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  2. Clash of Worlds and keep all 3 Blinks around too. Right?


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