Posted by: thederangedbear | October 13, 2008

Marquee Monday: One Inch Punch!

It’s been getting harder and harder trying to blog things from this game lately as I haven’t had a chance to play MWS lately and with no real tournaments or any sources of inspiration.

Here’s something I wanted to or might play for Clone Saga.

Characters: 36
4x Quicksilver – House of M
4x Hellboy – Little Boy
4x Doppelganger – Killer Clone
4x Wild Child – Age of Apocalypse
4x Vulture – Aerial Stalker
4x Klaw – Sonic Construct
4x Shadowcat – Phase Shifter
4x Dum-Dum Dugan – Howling Commando
4x Captain America – The Patriot * Secret Avenger

Plot Twist: 22
4x Mobilize
4x Origin Story
4x The Next Brotherhood
4x Superhuman Registration Act – Team-Up
4x Losing the Argument
2x Training Day – Team-Up

Locations: 2
1x United Planets HQ – Team-Up
1x Stark Tower – Team-Up

This deck is fast:


Generally you can kill on four: Play a bunch of free characters then hit the rally on Captain America and wha-pow! They’re dead.

The problem with this deck is that it unfortunately cannot beat this guy:

Spidey is an awesome counter to any 0 character spam rush, especially if they have the Gift Wrapped on three. The nuts draw listed above would not survive a Gift Wrapped on three.

However, if you move this deck from a pure blitz version to a steady off-curve deck it might be much better. Your guys are really so big. As far as I’ve seen, very few decks can handle this deck’s early rush – it’s mostly cards you have trouble with such as the aforementioned Spidey andHawkeye – Loud Mouth.

Perhaps Omnipotence is the answer? I don’t think Pathetic Attempt is enough.

The deck’s fundamentals are so strong the average ATK to resource point is like 3.6 ish? That’s pretty insane. It actually tips a bit higher if you factor in the fact that you’re not paying for your free characters.

Join in tomorrow for something that does beats Spider-Friends, albeit in the strangest of ways.





  1. It is a pity that Spidey owns this kind of deck so badly if he hits Gift Wrapped on 3. I’m kinda starting to…. hate… Spidey *feels guily immediately for uttering those words… One More Day, what have you done?*

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