Posted by: thederangedbear | October 13, 2008

* Bonus * Missed Post on Friday

I’m sad I didn’t get to preview any of the awesome control cards : (

That said, I get to preview review ghetto style:

Constructed Unplayable
This card should not be played in Constructed under any normal circumstances and will never be found in a competitive Constructed deck.

Playable – Role Player
This card is either unspectacular and competing with cards that do the same thing more efficiently, or useful in only a limited number of decks. For whatever reason (redundancy, lack of better alternatives), the card is good enough to fill a role in a reasonable Constructed deck.

Playable — Staple
This card is played in whatever decks and strategies where it would be appropriate, almost without question. When the card is absent, we start asking questions.

Playable — Flagship
This card has a powerful or unique effect, so much so that we build decks around it rather than fitting it into decks. Quite often the presence of this card allows for new archetypes to be explored. In some cases, those archetypes are not very good (but without their flagships, we would never even ask the question).

Iceman, Jack Frost

I wanted to start with this card first because it’s my favorite. Actually, I like Concussive Force but I think that card is a bit too blantatly good.

Oh yeah, this card is also batshit insane.

First of all, he has 5 DEF. This is a big deal, because you want him to keep getting attacked.

Even more important though is that she has energize on a team with lots of recovery effects. I think the fact that you can use this guy twice a turn is what really pushes it over the top as it makes this card more of aggressive as opposed to Blade.

Then you have the fact that he’s on a three drop which means you can toggle your four drop and play game breaking control cards like Dr. Doom or Spider Man?

This guy is the new control card of the future. There are so many ways to use this guy, and barring some mishap you can read about it on this Thursday.


This card has a lot of good things going for it.

First is the fact that only the target is team stamped. This means that you can most or less threat this as a legend card for Iceman, who I think will be splashed into a good chunk of decks without his affiliations.

In fact, I think thats probably the best way to describe this card. Legend dstamped. Unlike Children of the Atom this card is extremely cumbersome. This card is fairly easy to play around too depending on which character has the power you want to see re-ready the least.

Moreover, if you guys that also have activate powers, this card is requires you’re either going to telegraph it or skip on using some beneficial ability.

It’s definitely a very powerful effect, but it requires a lot of work to maximize it’s full potential, but have no illusions: You’re using it for it’s ready and not it’s recovery. As such it’s not an automatic shoo in like Children of the Atom is.

Playable – Role Player

Man, I like this card so much – the art is awesome and it’s ability is so unique.

That said, I think this card is terrible. The fact that his name is Cyclops gives him some level of resistance to the initiative. Just on it’s own merits this card is pretty terrible off initiative with essentially no game text.

When you do have initiative this card is interesting. If you have flight, you can send your five into their four, swing Cyclops into their five and then send your five into their six. 1 for 3… but that’s similar to if you say, sent your four with a Beatdown into their six and swung the rest of your guys down the curve.

There are other things like cloning him or whatever, but I don’t like to factor those things in too much.

I think this guy will likely see play in Golden though in X-Mental. Emma Frost reflipping with Concussive Force is to saucy not to play, and your curve before five is a bit too hard to toggle IMO Sage, Doom, Professor X, Emma.

In Modern Age though, I think Polaris is probably going to prove not that hard to splash in and play.

Playable – Role Player



  1. Isn’t the new jean grey 7 drop something like ‘activate, ready target cyclops you control’. Wouldn’t she and cyclops make for a tasty copmno come turn 7?

  2. I’m sure it can be quite good in limited where the matches are a curve-on-curve joust. I think it’s a lot more complicated in constructed.

    I mean this is probably too slow for rush right? Moreover, if your opponent has a single Omnipotence the value diminishes quite low. If they hidden guys or army dorks that don’t stun back the benefit you derive gets even smaller.

    I personally prefer my mid- late game characters to be able to stand on their own merits. Clearing a board on-initiative is sick, but you can often do that just by making intelligent attacks and a pump which is what I was trying to getting at.

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