Posted by: thederangedbear | October 9, 2008

Purist Thunderwrath

Ah, so my Summer of Love deck has been eliminated. I felt so sad because I thought my deck had a really good set of match-ups. It’s a little dissapointing to come so far and lose but… ah but c’est la vie.

In other news Gundam 00 is back up! There are few things I love more in life then watching big robots beat the bajeesus out of each others and I can’t wait till see how the series ends up.


Today I wanted to blog a bit more about Omnipotence. I opened a thread awhile back on asking whether or not people thought Omnipotence was bad for the game. Surpisingly… most people didn’t think it was.

Here’s why I disagree:

Omnipotence Takes the Focus Away from the Game

Ludin wrote a pretty awesome post on Realms a few days ago about how the game has slowly shifted its focus away from combat with decks that completely ignore the opposition’s characters by either attacking around them or exhausting them.

Now, Omnipotence is often the only way a curve combat deck can defeat a traditional control deck, so in that way its good for the game… until you realize control can play Omnipotence too.

So it then becomes fighting over Omnipotence, because if the control deck sticks Omnipotence on Omnipotence the curve deck’s chances of winning are almost nil.

Now you have a match-up that is no longer about skill or any conventional metrics but about who can draw into more copies of their Omnipotence support cards.

Which brings us too..

Omnipotence Makes the Game Luck Driven

As many have mentioned, mana screw is one of the reason Magic has achieved popularity by virtue of allowing a slightly weaker player to defeat a better player.

This is the wrong kind of luck however. There is something fundamentally different when an opponent loses because he didn’t draw enough copies of an unneccessary card as opposed to a character.

There’s also stuff like randomly losing because your opponent managed to guess the right type of pump/replacement/trick you drew as opposed to another – for example naming Crackshot instead of Flying Kick when you have three in the grip – but that’s something else.

Omnipotence Makes Deckbuiling Less Relavent

It’s not just the fact that Omnipotence makes you more or less play Pathetic Attempt and Have a Blast/Death of the Dream. It’s the fact that Omnipotence is a catch-all solution it makes metagaming and teching a lot more meaningful since you have a panacea. It also makes future tech cards much lacking. If UDE’s goal is to sell cards, removing Omnipotence for the environment might be good because most tech cards can’t even come close.

The most important reason though?

Omnipotence Is Not Fun

It’s just not.

I think Latverian Embassy is a good example of interesting disruption. You can still play what you want to play but you need to time it. Omnipotence is just too strong for what it does.

On a closing note, I was talking with Tony at vs-blog and he has a really good idea for a Tuesday piece about a similar topic. Stay tuned!





  1. No pressure on me or anything… Thanks man…

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