Posted by: thederangedbear | October 3, 2008

Chipotle -> Citibank -> Cards : )

Chipotle Grill

I actually didn’t on plan on going to Chipotle Grill this morning. Actually, I was planning on stopping by the local bookstore when I saw a huge floating silver dildo with a group of women standing nearby. As I drove closer I realized that it was actually a large burrito shaped balloon with small round ones floating by it.

There was a small line amassing near Chipotle and I was like ‘Screw it!’ and joined them too!

After I asked around I learned that the first 100 people got their choice of either a t-shirt or a bag. I can always use more gym shirts so I took the former. It’s actually pretty cool with the Chipotle logo in front and the phrase “Powered by Chipotle” on the back.

It’s pretty cool.

I ordered two burritos and devoured it inside the store in a manner of nanoseconds. I heard an old lady say “Oh my god! He just ate two!” which put a smile on my face. Man, it was almost as good as that one time a kid in a buffet told me he wanted to be just like me after I cleared out a tray of beef.

: )


I think I did pretty good on the interview. I got some good news and some bad news too. Good news is that there’s only one candidate, but bad news is that she’s some sort of banking jesus… ugh… I’ll know in a few weeks though, but I’ll keep looking.

I really hope I get this job. Commission + full benefits? Holy jeebus! Plus it’s next to another buffet…


Dem previews is up!

I’m personally not to excited about the other cards as they seem very synergy reliant so it’s hard to judge how good they will be – though they both seem really powerful…

I am quite excited about Cyclops legend stuff. Cyclops is probably way up there when it comes to my favorite Marvel characters. I have him number two on my ballot – Cable is uno – hopefully I’ll get one of the two.



But yeah, this card is really good against curve. You can make attacks around their guy and win etc.

I guess I’m waiting to find out whether or not you need to build around Cyclops, or is Cyclops flexible enough to fit inside a pre-existing shell. As it is I’m really eager of using this card with Atlantis or Black Manta – Underwater Marauder.

You already have two copiers – Rogue – Power Absorption and Mimic – Exile – with X-Men. Add that with Professor Xavier, and it’s conceivable you can play an entirely defensive game and just bleed them to death.

I am fairly certain this guy is better then The Sentry – Mighty Avenger in control decks, as he’s potentially three for one.

Who cares if they keep their guy over the next turn? The nature of both these eights – defensive as opposed to game-ending – generally mean that you have some type of godlike nine drop follow-up that’ll probably render them keeping an extra guy meaningless.

Ironically, this guy might be weaker in more X-Men centric decks as Jean Grey – Phoenix Force has a considerably more damaging effect.

Can you imagine how awesome this guy would be with Underground Movement – Team-Up?


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