Posted by: thederangedbear | October 2, 2008

My MEV Wishlist

I could think of quite a few more but here are the biggies:

Specific Pieces of Art

I also love Ryan Sook stuff too!

(Speaking of art, why wasn’t this made into the MUL)

Ah! Best moment ever!

More Low Drop Illuminati Characters

Specifically Sub-Mariner and Iron Man.

A Team-Up That Can’t Be Blasted

There are so many team-ups out there that have such powerful effects! I think a team-up whose sole advantage is that it cannot be replaced would be a really interesting decision for deckbuilders.

Hyper Viper Beam

This is what I really want to see!

For those who were unaware the cards Charging Star , Charging Star , Final Justice and Stars and Stripes are all special moves of Captain America from Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Hiper Viper Beam is one of Cable’s special moves, and since I’m a huge fan of both Cable and Marvel vs Capcom 2 I’d love to see the Hyper Viper Beam.

So what is the Hyper Viper Beam?

(Check at 2:13. The rest of the video is super awesome too!)

What’s so bad ass about the Hyper Viper Beam is that there’s a very easy glitch or exploit that allows your supermove to have near instantaneous startup and recovery which makes it a most with very little risk. What’s even more amazing is that these qualities let you chain multiples of this move together – as seen in the movie.

As much as I would love to see Major Ursa, he’s not really something that I think would enrich my VS experience as much as the above cards would.

But yeah – what do you guys want to see?





  1. “But yeah – what do you guys want to see?”

    Colossus Legend and more Prof X Legend cards.

  2. Cable is cheese in MVC2. OK to play against the computer, but not in a person vs person matchup.

    For MEV, I’d really like….The Purifiers as a 1 drop Army card.

  3. You had to pick the worst looking video on youtube. Lazy.

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