Posted by: thederangedbear | October 1, 2008

Fundamentals, Force, and Fates

Bruce Lee once compared the nature of knowledge and I suppose reailty to the punch.

To the beginner, the punch is their initiation to the world of martial arts. It is their crutch. They do not understand more, but they are intimately familiar with the fist so the punch becomes their technique of choice.

To the intermediate, the punch is inadequate. As the student learns more advanced techniques that can counteract other techniques and also possess more subtleties and variations, the simple fist is just not enough for them.

To the advanced however, the punch is once again revered. This time however, it is not simply because it is the only thing he knows. The master understands the importance of fundamentals and simplicity. He understands all the nuances of more advanced techniques, and this gives him an increased appreciation for the punch which is the most efficient and simple.


I think in a lot of ways this is similar to deck building in VS. Didn’t we all start akin to the beginner in the Martial Arts anlogy? At least for me personally, my first deck was at every pump I could squeeze in – although back in the day that was stuff like Backfire. Pumps were awesome because jeez – four drop Blob with that nine DEF is so annoying to play around – my only out was five drop Cyclops with a gun : )

Then at some point we decided that we no longer needed training wheels: We were beyond all that straightforwardness and wanted something cooler and more rewarding from our decks.

So we start all these strange gimmicky decks. Sure… maybe we play a token Savage Beatdown or something, but we’re too interested in doing whatever it isthat we’re doing to notice that we’ve made what we’re playing too cumbersome… just like the intermediate martial arts student.

Lessons in Grey

So what does this have to do with Fate Artifacts?

I think I alluded slightly to this earlier, but the room for all the clever tricks you’re trying to play take away from the slots you could use to be playing pumps which are the universal answer.

Through revision after change following tweak, your deck ends up as is something that not only has trouble swinging up the curve, but reliant on targeted effects to stifle the opposition.

These are conditions the Fate Artifacts thrive on.

All the same time your opponent is making very profitable attacks because there guy isn’t stunning. You’ll never keep board and he’ll just slowly whittle you down…


I think pumps are the best cards in the game. Not only they offer an incredibly high yield in terms of what it can do, but it is generally always good. I realize it is no where near as awesome as exhausting an opponent’s board down or drawing a zillion cards, but the generic pump will always produce value because VS is ultimately about reducing the opposition’s endurance to 0 – something which pumps help with tremendously.

Now would I ever play a pump centric deck? Hell no! I never said I was up to that advanced level yet. This bears still ridin’ the yellow bus son…



(The above is by no means an endorsement of the Fate Artifacts. I’m just postulating. What do you guys think?)


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