Posted by: thederangedbear | September 30, 2008

Two Junk Rares = Potentially Meta Defining or Tier 1

I wish I could take credit for this but I can’t:

When I was testing Spider-Friends Illuminati online, I frequently ran into a player by the handle of ‘ME’, whose real name is Scott and realm’s handle is Dameez. ME always had some really interesting decks, that constantly kept me on my toes.

Anyways, ME busted the incredible Winter Soldier/Frog of Thunder/Black Manta – Underwater Marauder rebuy on me, which was astonishing. I didn’t get his list – he was playing MA against my SA – but the idea was so exciting, that I decided to try my hand at it.

Characters: 28
1x Mr Mxyptzlk, Troublesome Trickster
4x Black Cat – Nine Lives
4x Night Thrasher – Dwayne Michael Taylor
4x Dr. Doom – Richards’s Rival
4x James Barnes ♦ Winter Soldier – Out in the Cold
2x Black Manta – Underwater Marauder
1x Scarecrow – Chiroptophobic
2x Aquaman – Lord of Atlantis
1x Human Torch – Fiery Friend
1x The Phantom Stranger – Wandering Hero
1x Spider-Man – Stark’s Protégé
1x Ghost Rider – Danny Ketch
1x Pathetic Attempt
1x Death – The Second Force of the Universe

Plot Twists: 24
4x Mobilize
4x Frog of Thunder
4x Omnipotence
4x Pathetic Attempt
3x Underground Movement – Team-Up
2x Messiah Complex
2x Death of the Dream
1x Have a Blast!

Location: 8
4x Empire State University
4x Poseidonis


The lock:

– In response to any draw, Poseidonis Frog of Thunder on the top of your deck.

– Your opponent recruits a character. -Bucky triggers, 0 Sniper counters.

– In response, Frog of Thunder a low drop (You’re more likely to hit on these. Also, remember to take note of what characters they reveal since you are going to Frog again). -Bucky triggers, 1 Sniper counters.

– After that has resolved, but still in response to the original recruit, Black Manta back Frog of Thunder and target another low drop. -Bucky triggers, 2 Sniper counters.

– Let Bucky’s trigger from the original recruit resolve; that’s the third counter and the guy dies.

Repeat every turn…

This lock is viable in Modern Age too, though you’d have to mix it up a little bit.

Think abou how insane it is to recruit when you have even initiatives. You only need to play a single plot twist to KO an opponent’s five drop!

No Shot

Anyways, I wanted to play this at my final City Champs, but I couldn’t manage to scrounge up four Frog of Thunders and James Barnes ♦ Winter Soldier – Out in the Cold.

For decks that aren’t invested in curve characters, I would speculate that you use the one two bunch o Scarecrow – Chiroptophobic and Human Torch to shrink their field and race them. This is purely speculative and might be too slow to be realistic. You could certainly move this deck toward a more Straight to the Grave centric build and use the The Stamford Incident .

I think this deck is really cool and under the radar, and if you are looking for something unique and with good fundamentals, I’d recommend you try this out. I mean last time I heard Sniping an opponent’s character after accruing three counters worked pretty well for a certain Fillipino…





  1. 1) Aye, this combo is godlike. I’ve been using it pretty consistently with my “Pile ‘O MUN Stuff” deck (Random NWave, UFront, AFlight, and Unaff guys tied together with Underground Movement) to butcher people’s boards. With even init, it’s incredibly easy to nuke the opponent’s 5. Even without the sustained combo, that’s often enough to swing the game.

    2) I’m very happy to see you giving some consideration to Underground Movement in a deck. 😀

    3) Do you have any trouble hitting your team-up? It looks like Doom’s your only search. Might Boris be a possible inclusion?

  2. Can you reliably draw a copy of Frog by turn 5? I only ask because you mentioned using Poseidonis but you don’t run a copy of Aquaman until turn 6.

    Also, you listed 1 copy of PA as a character. Just curious what that final character is. Unless that’s just a sneaky way to get 5 copies of PA in your deck. 😀

    Cap, Night Thrasher can also search the Team-Up. I would imagine Black Cat is the preferred 2 but there is another search in there.

  3. You’ve got alot of character discarding going on there. Drawing 2 cards a turn (one being Frog) other unknown, and needing to discard 2 characters a turn? I’d definately try and play straight to the grave to try and find Mxy, and TPS.

  4. I played this fellow as well.

    He’s quite good, but he admitted the deck beats itself more often than not.

  5. why didn’t u include terrax? that’s like your #1 ❤ card…stupid bear

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