Posted by: thederangedbear | September 29, 2008

Marquee Mondays: Clone Saga

Wow, the prizes for Clone Sage look pretty sick!

You can find an image of the playmat here – courtesy of Captain Spud, and the text of the prize cards here, thanks to Doomstadt!

So the question: What to play? Other then a certain deck that I really want to try… I’ve been thinking about playing some type of stalling deck that doesn’t involve Spider-Man – since that would be too obvious.

It’s been brought up Captain America and Red Skull have plays only on the even and odd turns – respectively – which makes it possible to have some type of saucy dual legend deck. I guess this isn’t a big deal since all your guys aren’t unique in Clone Saga anyhow, but both Cap and Red Skull have some really good control cards so it seems like something reasonable to try.


4x Captain America – The Patriot * Secret Avenger
4x Red Skull – Aleksander Lukin * RAID
4x Captain America – Champion License
4x Red Skull – Johann Shmidt * HYDRA
4x Captain America – Living Legend
3x Red Skull – Master of Creation

So that’s 24 guys. Definitely need some more guys at the lower end. I don’t think Captain America – Sentinel of Liberty is better then Sentry but Captain America has really good synergy with Red Skull – on seven you burn for potentially 15, then 19 more the next turn which should be enough to end the game.

What’s really frustrating is that there isn’t an ‘enabler’ to this deck. The closest thing I can think of is Spider-Man – New New Avenger who is really good.

There’s no real incentive to play SRA or Underground Movement here though – as you don’t really have enough manipulation effects to abuse the former and the latter is directly contradictory against a deck whose mid game revolves around stacking leader effects.

Like, Uncertain Legacy and Heroes of Two Worlds are both great search card, but it doesn’t help you hit your early plays.

4x Cosmic Cube
2x Captain America’s Shield

I really like Cosmic Cube toolboxing and singletons. I wish there was a way I could chain multiple Cosmic Cubes together. The Cube is insane, and I think this in turn makes Red Skull your mulligan.

Now that we can fetch anything we need some good targets:

Xx OomPa and maybe Death of the Dream

Radically Advanced – I love this card so much!

The Stamford Incident – You have to, right?

Stars and Stripes – One of those really insane but super situational cards, plus Red Skull three drop makes it slightly less painful.

Code White – Recover your seven drop to burn them for a zillion!

But yeah, this seems like something with a lot of power. Life gain, off-initiative exhaust, huge characters, and indiscriminate search… it’s like the holy grail of VS. The problem is probably the early game seems kind of clunky, but I think it’ll be worth the time trying to fix something out.

Plus you might always get lucky and just hit your drops in the right order : )




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