Posted by: thederangedbear | September 25, 2008

Week in Review #6

Here’s the follow up to the Wolverine report I wrote on Monday.

I think the deck is pretty good, but it is what is and it’s all that it can be, if that makes sense; if you draw the right mix of pumps and characters, Wolverine going directly to your face is really hard to stop by most conventional methods.

However, if you don’t draw enough gas there’s really not much you can do play out of that situation.

I don’t like the inflexibility of it, but this deck is probably an awesome beginner deck as it’s essentially a cheaper version of Hulk Smash.

Steve ‘kamiza’ Garrett suggested Quicksilver as an addition to the list…

… but I don’t think he’s very good here. If you’re using Quicksilver to slide Wolverine in you’re essentially paying six resource points to gain + 7 ATK, which through the magical powers of division boils down to 1 RP – 1.17 ATK. You figure since you’re exhausting that since the rest of your guys are probably going to back up.

It’s actually a bit higher then that since Quicksilver has his normal attack, but since youre plan is to face they likely have board so they’re going to reinforce. Plus he seems like he clashes with all your re-ready effects.

I’d say he probably realistically represents 12 extra damage in total – your opponent will keep board so I reckon he can stun a reinforced five drop – so lets be generous and say you’re getting two damage or ATK for each one resource point you invest into Quicks.

Compared to the rest of our deck:

Tania: 1 RP = 2 ATK OR 4 ATK after re-ready
Yellowjacket: 1 RP =3 ATK OR 6 ATK afer-ready
Shield Agent: 1 RP = 2 ATK (by virtue of damage)
Parrington or Deathstrike = Variable, but probably comparable to Quicksilver if we toss pumps.

I think it works for Assassin because that deck’s go-off turn is on five – your pivots are both four costs – and if you can’t finish, the next turn is six where Quicksilver fits in perfectly.

Wolverine however, has a more natural curve, and thus gos-of on turn four instead, and can close on five. Thus a contingency for turn six is a probably not needed.

This is total theory fighter and I recommend those of you who are interested in playing Wolverine.dec to try it for yourself.

I for one, have no interest in facing folks with Wolverine anymore.

But yeah, making Wolverine a better version of a four drop = bad for the game : )


Yarg! Wild n Sticky is gone! I felt so sad 😦

To be honest though, I guess I should still consider myself lucky in that even with one loss, I still have another deck for this round.

Now if WF9 loses… Spud’s gon be sleeping with soma dem hard hittin’ polar bers…

Pre-Mun Hint Review

Oh yeah, last minute addition!

I really enjoyed this one and I think he’s totally on with his predictions! He also collects a lot of quotes I don’t remember seeing and I totally recommend you guys check this out.






  1. I’ll give you a preview of the TF:R v W9 match to help settle your mind. Here’s TF:R’s resource row on turn 5:

    Justice League Task Force
    Toy Soldiers
    Justice League Task Force
    Battle For Metropolis
    Toy Soldiers

    Feel better? 😉

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