Posted by: thederangedbear | September 19, 2008

Freestyle Friday: Terrax, Harbinger of Ruin

Terrax, Harbinger of Ruin

(no homo)

This guy is without a doubt my favorite card in the VS System. To me, Terrax simply excels in every metric a card can be judged on.

Our Love Story

I was introduced to the awesomeness that is Terrax – Harbinger of Ruin by Adam Prosak. I would often ship Adam these decklists and ask for his suggestions, and his first line of advice without fail would always be: “Fit Terrax“.

I was hesitant at first, but one big piece of advice about advice: If you’re going to ask for it, you should probably try it. For example, if you’re going to post a list in the deck garage of a forum…


The first time I fated up Terrax and swung into an opposing six drop it was like a chorus of angels were singing in my head.

It was love at first smash, and after that, Terrax went in everything I played as long as it has some permutation of eight locations and draw effects. Terrax in Deadshot decks, Terrax in DSGK, Terrax in X-Mental etc, Terrax in Puppet Mater decks, Terrax in InSaNiTy etc… I think I even tried to put in him in a Revenge Squad deck too – Graveyard of Soltitude ftw!

What I love about Mr Tis his potential for a two for one which is so coveted in control. Even without fates, you can swing him into their five, shoot their four, them team into their five!


His ability is so sleek but so much in the flavor of the card – albeit with a extremely simple interpretation – which is him flinging a big rock at some dude.


This card is certainly no Poison Ivy – Deadly Rose or Captain Marvel – Champion of Magic, but I really like the art too: You look at it and you know this Herald isn’t messing around.

Flavor Text

“For one such as myself, to be a lowly servant is intolerable.”

I later found out that this quote wasn’t pulled from a comic book, but was actually written by TBZ. Major props to Billeh.

My favorite thing about Terrax, by far, is his flavor text.

It’s a very short and simple line that I feel complete sums up who this guy is. Terrax is very ambitious and thus betrays Galactus. To him, being a herald to Galactus isn’t something that’s tiresome, or unacceptable for reasons of morality – such as with the Silver Surfer – it’s something he cannot tolerate because he is egotistical.

More over, it just seems like an awesome thing to say to someone right before you beat their ass:

“Jeez Paul, why can’t you just listen to me man?”

“Because for one such as myself… to be a lowly servant is intolerable!”

“Dude, all I’m telling you to do is put on some pants. F****n’ weirdo.”

I hope Billy Z owns the right to that nifty piece of flavor text. It seems like it would work well in that Invulnerable script he’s writing.

Have a great weekend!



PS: Too good not to share:

Basically, some guy posted this bear…

… and asked forum members to chop it. Hilarity ensues, but some of my favorites:



  1. I’ve only ever played Terrax in a Heralds deck, and he’s borderline useless in there– Heralds always leaves a ton of lowbies lying around, so you never get anything good with his power.


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