Posted by: thederangedbear | September 18, 2008

Week in Review #5

Two Weekly Columns?

Apparently Steve ‘kamiza’ Garrett is no longer writing Rallying Cry, that column is instead going back to Stu. Instead, he’ll be writing another column, which I’m assuming is called Sweep the Leg – a reference to Karate Kid where the evil karate teacher tells his evil-student-who-is-bad-the-becomes-good-then-bad-again to target the protagonist’s wounded leg in a competition.


This is good news in many ways. While I enjoy Steve’s writing, Stu has a much more energetic approach to Rallying Cry that is more appropriate given our current situation.

Moreover the fact that Stu’s writing it means that Steve can write something else! Yay! The fact that we have two columns as opposed to one bodes is a good sign of the finances of our game – though perhaps means that the blog revolution didn’t work out as well as they hoped.

Charmander! Char!

Very interesting deck. Basically, it’s SHIELD/VU that relies on Zazzala Queen Bee – Mistress of the Hive. I think the archetype has a lot of potential. Can you imagine having Zazzala Queen Bee – Mistress of the Hive, Dr. Light – Furious Flashpoint, and Talia – Daughter of Madness in play and keep recycling Speedball Penance – Painmonger?

Anyways in the tournament report they go 1-3, which I think is somewhat misleading. There’s definitely a lot of potential here I think. How awesome is exhausting Deathstroke the Terminator – Lethal Weapon to Evil Lair ? That’s 11 damage you’re threatening – four from Vengeance, three from Lair, four from stun backs.

The Future… (serious)

We got some confirmation! MEV previews in a couple weeks along with other VS stuff. Pretty awesome to hear.




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