Posted by: thederangedbear | September 17, 2008

W’s Day: Womanly Bear!

Today’s W stand for ‘Woman’ as in my shopping habits.

But first… this whole notion of W’s Day is epic phail. Seriously, clever, abstract or VS related words that start with W don’t exist! We got: Wisdom, Wonder Woman, Willpower, Wolverine and what… warble? I think I’m just better off writing about whatever. (strong alliteration)

Money, Clothes, Cash and Cards

So I’ve finally decided to buy some cards for City Champs. I’ve gotten into this nasty habit of borrowing decks from people lately. Like literally, entire decks! This is bad!

Checking out prices for cards is such a weird feeling, since often times they don’t feel really representative of the power level

The big one for me is Dr. Strange – Secret Avenger. Are you really telling me that this card that sees play narrowly is worth the same or more then Underground Movement – which is generic and good in multiple formats?

(I guess I’m just bitter because I need four of the good doctor : ( )

Is Captain America’s Shield really worth that little? I don’t remember which site it was, but they were actually selling foil versions of I think…Flame Trap (?) for less then the normal version.

But yeah, I felt like such a girl yesterday going through prices online since a lot of commons are so cheap – THEY’RE ON SALE!!!! – and I have so few playsets, I was like “Why not load up on all my playsets right now!”

I mean I’m sure I’m going to build a deck with The Captain sometime. Get four of those.

Man, A Child Named Valeria is so cheap, and I might need it for GA! Get four of those.

Maybe I’m going to build MKKO, guess I’ll need some Wolverine – Covert Predator. Get four of those.

Wait, why would I need MKKO?

There are some interesting things, like Flying Kicks being really hard to find and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents being practically non-existant. I guess people love their SHIELD decks. If any of you have either of these two in bulk let me know!

Hopefully my cards will come in time for next Saturday’s Stockton City Champs. I think I’m taking a van load of people, hopefully Miguel and Sean do too.





  1. Aye, the singles prices are pretty bizarre sometimes. Dr. Strange was an $18 card at one point, but… he’s just not that good! Yes, you DO need him for Illuminati, but is anybody actually playing them?

    Contrast that with Underground Movement– I got two foil copies for $5 each from CoolStuff. UM is *vastly* better than SHRA in 90% of decks, but it’s being priced for peanuts.

    But, yeah. Buying singles rocks– especially GA singles. I recently made an $80 order, and $40 of it was to get over a hundred random playset-fillers for my GA stuff. 4x foil Planet Weapon, 4x foil Bad Press, 4x foil Latverian Embassy, 4x foil Hidden Surveillance, 4x each of the Negative Zone guys from MOR… the list goes on. This crap is under a dollar for a pristine foil, and it just makes me so warm and fuzzy inside to open a huge package of awesome foils. đŸ˜€

    Also: I’ve been too busy to check my stock all week… do you still need Illuminati foils? If so, which ones? Just the core stuff, or their legend stuff too?

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