Posted by: thederangedbear | September 16, 2008

Testing Tuesdays: Stallin’ fa Jesus!

City Champs

Been playing with the Spider-Friends Illuminati list a bit more. Gotta say, the more I play this archetype the more I like it. It has so many answers and the infrastructure necessary to search them out in a timely and prompt fashion.

Some changes:

Gift Wrapped

When I first saw OSM’s deck he had only three copies of Gift Wrapped. I was quite surprised since the card is really good. When I built my own version, the first change I made – unsurprisingly – was to max out on Gift Wrapped.

After testing a bit more, I have to agree with Orange Soda Man’s assertion that Gift Wrapped is a three of.

See, Clandestine Operations takes most of the work off from Gift Wrapped. Despite that however, it is still crucial as there are times where you actually have to ‘manually’ exhaust their guys.

(Generally this is on turn seven, if you played Black Manta instead of Iron Man – Protector of the Reality Gem or ran into a wayward Pathetic Attempt.)

Even in the match-ups where you want to repeatedly Gift Wrapped you still only really need one as you can just go Black Manta to Human Torch – Fiery Friend.

It’s crucial, but we don’t need it in multiples so three is the right number I think.


This guy is a victim of the deck’s space. It’s quite nice to have a back-up three drop, but the deck is so tight on that I don’t think you can afford to be too cute. With 20+ characters in the deck costing less then two, I think I’m already dedicating a good chunk of my deck toward hitting my early game.


This is mainly to address Omnipotence,.

I really want an out to it, so a random Omni on Spidey doesn’t ruin my day. It’s not actually that bad…but replacement effects can come in quite handy for random unexpected things.

Death of the Dream is the best answer. You have multiple low cost dorks that often lie around doing nothing so the exhaust is somewhat moot. This card gets around PA too – I’ll boost Death of the Dream targeting my resource, and use the boost to get one of yours.

My fear is if my opponent draws multiple Omnis. In this situation, it might be less smart to go all in on one replacement effect, and might be perhaps better to play Have a Blast! or Transmutation instead.

Any thoughts? I haven’t really come into any situations that push me toward the former or the latter.

Summer of Love

I’m going to stop testing the match-ups for Summer of Love as that defeats the point of the whole thing I reckon.

Anyhow, the next match-ups are all match-ups that directly attack some vital weakness of my deck. Off the top of my head:

Warp Factor 9

Fating up XS then going to Human Torch – The Invisible Man is what I would do. Off-curve is generally vulnerable to fated Speedsters. I would hazard that the Human Torch – The Invisible Man might even be the optimal five drop in this match-up.

Wild ‘n’ Sticky

I really don’t see any specific angle of attack to be honest. I would definitely Gift Wrapped, Entangle, and Indebted from hand to prevent these cards being removed from your deck in an untimely fashion.

Especially the former two.

Omnipotence, haha, no idea what to name. I don’t expect this card to have a rather long life expectancy given his multiple ‘blasts.





  1. Thanks for the nod =D
    One of the biggest reasons for trying the team-up, outside of their similar stall-ish natures, is that giftwrapped functions on 3-4 as extra copies of Clandestine Ops, which in the standard Illuminati builds doesn’t seem to hit the row on 3 as often as we would like.

    The deck then fell into place relatively easily; the engine, the low cost guys, the “staples” and team-up/search.

    Biggest thing that stumped me for the longest of time was 1) the numbers on the cards (since there are a ton of 1-ofs in my build), and 2) figuring out who the late game hitters would be (most notably on turn 6). Early on I really liked Mr. Freeze, but getting 10 cards in the yard is tough, almost impossible even. Too much else going on. I eventually settled on Torch, Herald to justify my 2x PA, although I can certainly understand running his SF version instead (I don’t own one xp).

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