Posted by: thederangedbear | September 15, 2008

Marquee Monday: Superbad

There’s going to be three City Championship events at the Bay Area: Oakland, Stockton, and Berkeley in that order I would hazard. I think I’ve figured out something interesting, good, and unique in that order.

Actually, I haven’t figured out unique yet. I really want to play something a bit different for Games of Berkeley since it’s more casual, here are two ideas:

Zatara and Cape Killers/Kree Soldiers

This deck feels like a Soshi deck.

Anyhow, both Cape-Killers Unit – Army * Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Kree Soldiers – Army are army charactesr and reservists, so you don’t mind stacking them in the row. You just keep attacking and then you cycle the dudes in your row with Zatara – Teen Magician to make them big which can help you draw into some gas such as a global or Teen Titans Go!

I imagine that you could also play Holocaust – Age of Apocalypse and burn them out for twenty thousand.

Ahmed and Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis is tech!

Anyways, the idea is to row a Thunderbolts Mountain
with Ahmed on three, Katrina Luisa Van Horne ♦ Amazon – Unrepentant Hero on four, then Thanos – The Mad Titan or Rogue, or whatever on five. Activate Thunderbolts Mountain , row it away for another one, swap with Thanos – The Mad Titan or whatever and the Identity Crisis to reset the board.

Checkmate offers a few nice things, like Jacob Lee and the ability to re-buy a Retrieval Protocol.

Inhumans would offer Attilan which would help you find your bomb, while also allowing you access to various replacement effects which would make bombing easier.

While this deck would definitely be unique… would it be any fun? Probably not… and it seems to hard to fit in combo parts along with protection from Omnipotence.

Anyone out there have any super janky ideas?



(If any of you have an unreasonably large stack of foils you’re looking to sell tell me!)



  1. Foils from which set? I have complete, or near complete, sets of foils from most expansions prior to DWF.

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