Posted by: thederangedbear | September 12, 2008

Freestyle Friday: Gambit!

I was doing some laps in the pool yesterday when I started thinking about MEV, and the legends in them. Specifically, Gambit and Cyclops.

Gambit and Cyclops have really similar powers if you think about it, having to do with explosive/concussive projectiles. Consequently, they would probably take up some similar design space.

For example, imagine a card that said “Exhaust ~> Stun target character”. This card is relatively in flavor with either character.

After some more thinking however, it occured me that this is more in flavor with Cyclops. Cyclops is much more pragmatic about his powers, exercising a lot more restraint over it.

Gambit on the other hand, would probably be a lot more show-offy given how he’s potrayed in the comics – which is in contrast with Cyclops – which I think would lead to some high-risk high reward cards.

The more I stayed on that thought trail, the more it occured to me – and it’s probaly not unique to my thinking alone – that we’re playing a card game and Gambit’s iconic weapon of choice are cards. So how can we use that?


This card is you basically playing BlackJack. I think it might be too overpowered. In the best case scenario you can stun a 7,6,5, and a 3 on your attack step which isn’t bad I guess. The “share some cost clause” makes you want to be greedy and reveal more cards which creates tension I think.


(I could work on the wording more I think, but you need to reveal five cards that aren’t the same, but are of the same type and the same cost to stun a guy with that particular cost.)

Another example of what I was thinking of. You could also do other variations of it: I know Doomtown made you play a hand of poker at the start of every turn, and it would be really cool to do something like that.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a Chaos Orb type card too.

(Card names barned off MvC2, of course!)

Also, I love watching and reading this guy’s stuff. He’s such a savage.

Have a great weekend!





  1. hahah i love the cards!!

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