Posted by: thederangedbear | September 11, 2008

Week in Review #4

It seems Rallying Cry will be back soon, perhaps as soon as today, based on Stu’s posting here. Gday is similarly hopeful and optimistic of a Rallying Cry sometime either this week or the next so I might have to drop this soon.

Speaking of Lost Hemisphere, round two has started and check out their daily match report updates! I was pestering Gday about my matches but his lips are zipped tight. However, as I’m writing this apparently Miguel’s Green Rine’s been taken down in a rather surprising twist of events.

Is this going to happen to my decks?

Tournament Reports

Quite a few went up this week. Pretty awesome, since I always look forward to reading them.

Michael Barnes’ MegaWeekend Report

I am a big fan of the Secret Society decks, and thus very much enjoyed BigSpooky’s tournament report. Not only was the subject matter awesome, but it was extremely informative and well written. Though I have to say Mike… red text on black backdrop is kinda awkward.

I highly urge those of you who are reading this to comment on the report. Nothing is more encouraging for a writer then to see people respond to it, particularly when it’s a very well-written one that clearly had a lot of effort put into it.

Size Doesn’t Matter

I’m a big fan of Joe “lordoflimbo” Clarke’s SRA rush deck. While I still have some concerns about his specific character base – c’mon now, where’s baby Hellboy? – the deck is very solid overall.

I’ve been experimenting with Wake The Devil, which is essentially The Illuminati. These deck manipulation effects are so good, as once you set up SRA they help you constantly reveal characters. If you haven’t, they also help you find SRA.

Again another slow week, but there’s been quite a few of rumors of previews fast approaching. Hang in tight! Don’t forget to check out bearsday today at Vs-blog!


Sleepy B



  1. I don’t run hellboy becuase I need to get the team-up for him to be any good.

    And I usually name for my teams:

    Teen Titans – Teen Supremes
    F4 – If I have Herbie + Quantum Bands and no Black Bolt.
    Inhumans – To search for anyone with GR or Lockjaw
    I used to name Sindicate with Slyde, but he came out for Night Thrasher.

    Also, Multiverse should be Act of Defiance, but I forgot to put them in before the tournament.

    Also, we never got any EHB around our area, so I can’t get Hellboy.

  2. Yay for name-dropping! πŸ™‚

    Even if Rallying Cry comes back full force, I see no reason for you to drop this – a different perspective on what’s going on out there is always a good thing.

  3. Yeah… the red text is kinda gruesome. Joe Corbett has been handling the posts on Shane’s blog, and he decided on that one. I guess being a vegan makes your eyes do funny things… πŸ™‚

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