Posted by: thederangedbear | September 9, 2008

Testing Tuesdays: Annoying Stall Deck

Because is there any other kind?

I couldn’t find the personnel to actually play out a netdeck session with SF-Illuminati this week, instead, I decided to load up MWS and see how many games I could get before work.

Game 1 – One Inch Punch

(I’m sticking with the name One Inch Punch because it’s Paul-tested, Kamiza-approved.)

On turn one Ray Palmer ♦ The Atom – Tiny Titan exhausts to Jaime Reyes ♦ Blue Beetle – High-Tech Hero.


Turn two is Black Bolt with Quantum Bands who becomes something enormous like 7/7, and ends up as 15/15 by turn four.

On turn four I Gift Wrapped his board, which runs into a Pathetic Attempt. I pay seven ATK to exhaust Black Bolt and run into another Pathetic Attempt, and I get faced down to the 20s. Luckily for me Clandestine Operations is making Teen Supremes a touch play.

I am able to stick a pair of Omnipotences naming Teen Supremes and Pathetic Attempt and control his board.

I have Human Torch – Fiery Friend on six along with a Gift Wrapped Black Manta brought. I don’t finish it since I have to head to my my next class, but I liked my chances at winning.

No screencaps, but I have to agree that I Pathetic Attempt is a definite four of in this deck. There’s so many ways to mess you up, and getting your Bands Zinco’d seems like it would be kinda lame…

Game 2 – GK, F4, UM

This game is pretty standard with both of us hitting our ones – Alfred vs Black Bolt – missing our twos, with me playing Prof and Mr Fantastic on three to his Oracle before I flip Clandestine.

Turn four is Spidey vs Critical Thinker, but on turn five he underdrops Huntress, Harsh Mistress to use and replay Alfred getting Omnipotence. He has another one too, and locks down Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Turn seven Thing – The Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing wipes my board of Illuminati, I recruit Spider-Man – Stark’s Protégé. Savage Beatdowns ensue and I lose Two Face on recovery.

Anyways, he’s mauling on my board but I’m okay. On turn eight I Sentry his seven drop, and he Sentries mine. He Sentries my Sentry during recovery in response to Clandestine, but he has no answer to my Galactus.


This hand is why I dislike the Illuminati.

I win with Galactus.

Thoughts: Definitely want DotD here. However, the Elektra Situation would’ve handled the Sentry – it only affects opposing dorks.

Game 3 – Syndicate

My opponent has a strange nick, and given the prevalence of non-Americans on MWS, I inquire about his country of origin and discover he’s from Croatia! Apparently a lot of people from there play VS.

My opener is a little fuzzy, but it has Xavier so I keep.

Out comes a swarm of weenies! I don’t draw my clutch – SRA – but I do have Robert Downey, Tobey Maguire, and Gift Wrapped . Soon afterward Chris Evans crashes our little party… but being the party pooper he is, causes a disconnect, MODO style.



While I’m waiting for the next game, I do some research on Croatia. Apparently Croatia and Greece are buddies or something. I also do some ‘research’ on Croatian women.

Ugh, now the keys are sticking together-

Game 4

My Croatian buddy rejoins:

ErickGeyes: Im the guy with the annoying stall deck (Fair warning)
uxteir: I think got dc
ErickGeyes: Ah
uxteir shuffles library
uxteir: YA!
uxteir rolled a 16, using a 20 sided die
ErickGeyes rolled a 14, using a 20 sided die
uxteir: I go odds
ErickGeyes: k

-=- We draw -=-

ErickGeyes: Keep

uxteir plays a facedown card from Hand
uxteir: Pass
ErickGeyes plays a facedown card from Hand
ErickGeyes plays Black Bolt, Enemy Within from Hand

uxteir: 😦
ErickGeyes: 😦
System: Player Lost

Maybe I needed to put more adjectives in front of stall…

Game 5 or 4 – Mono Brotherhood


Clandestine your 7, gift wrap your six and one, iron man your five, protege your four

Unfortunately, I get disconnected so we don’t finish that one.

It’s at this point that I’m feeling decididly unwelcome. One more game for an even five.

Round 5

He wants to play GA, I pull out Gamma Bomb, and he ends up playing an MA deck.

Why am I such a scumbag?

Anyhow, are these decks really indicative of how good this archetype realy is? Probably not… but it certainly seemed to flow very well. Definitely a deck I think has huge potential.





  1. I was the Black Bolt player.

    I knew going into turn 4 that I had enough PAs to last the turn, but that every turn after was going to be Spidey antics until Galactus (SRA showed him) or some other game-ender showed up. It’s a strange game when you’re on turn 6, you have 48 endurance, your opponent has only 5 and you’re sure you’re going to lose.

    I also knew on that turn 4 that 1 copy of Teen Supremes would have won me the game. Paul mentioned later that Penance could have been a difference-maker as well.

    PA is a 4-of in that deck. Too many ways to exhaust or KO 1 drops and/or KO equipment.

    It’s also worth mentioning that my list is my own: It’s similar to lists posted on Realms, but there’s no team ups other than SRA and a couple more ways to draw… and more characters.

  2. I hate your MWS, I hope it blows up every time you turn it on.

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