Posted by: thederangedbear | September 8, 2008

Marquee Mondays: SF/Illuminati

Awhile back, I saw this list on VSRealms courtesy of Orange Soda Man.

Spider-Friends and Illuminati? Sounds like a pretty sick combination! Clandestine Operations, Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man and Iron Man – Protector of the Reality Gem have an incredibly domineering grip on the board especially if you have Gift Wrapped. Every turn you can repeatedly exhaust their entire board… which is exactly the playstyle I enjoy.

While I like OSM’s concept, I’m not sure I like his deck. I think the build he posted on the deck garage is a bit unfocused. Still, I decided to run a few trial games before I decided to make any specific judgments.

Underground Movement vs SRA

When I saw OSM’s list, the biggest surprise was the presence of Underground Movement: With all the exhaustion you have, it’s unlikely the opposition can muster enough attackers to break board, and in the case that they do, you probably want a few visibles to soak up damage.

On the flip side, the Superhuman Registration Act – Team-Up is incredible here. Not only does it have awesome synergy with specific cards like Dr. Strange – Secret Avenger and Secret Government, but in a deck with so many draw and shuffle effects, the ability to discern the right time to play these effects is simply incredible.

It’s like a certain Asian Artifact from that ‘other’ game.

The Early Game

The focus of our early plays is to flip Clandestine Operations as soon as possible, since that card is more or less what enables a controlling Illuminati strategy.

I was reluctant to play Black Bolt – Enemy Within as he essentially does nothing. Moreover, there’s so many awesome cards you have access to.

Unfortunately, I think the penalty for playing Black Cat – Nine Lives is that you have to play Black Bolt, at least if you want to flip Clandestine Operations on three.

(He also helps you flip Clandestine Operations against MKKO – two drop on 2, two and one on three.)

One three drop Illuminati just in case something goes awry. I am a big fan of both Sub-Mariner – Protector of the Time Gem, and Black Bolt – Protector of the Space Gem . For uniqueness issues I went for Sub-Mariner, but Black Bolt/a> is is probably more powerful and provides an answer to opposing Omnipotences .

Mid Game

Spider-Man, the Sensational Spider-Man and Iron Man – Protector of the Reality Gem seem non-negotiable.

A few questions arise though:

How many copies of Spidey do we need, and is an illuminati four neccessary?

With Clandestine Operations and Gift Wrapped, I didn’t find myself needing to sub in Spider-Man that often. At least I didn’t, so OSM’s assessment of 2 copies of Spidey seems right.

What of an Illuminati four drop?

I could see playing Spidey/Mr. Fantastic – Critical Thinker as your fours. I’d wantto test it out, as I am wary of uniqueness, especially since we want a few random early Illuminatis in play to exhaust to Iron Man.

With SRA/UM we have access to a wide range of toolbox characters. Given the nature of our drops I think we want. I am a big fan of the Spider-Man – or in this case Two-Face – Heads or Tails – and Human Torch – Fiery Friend combination ever since Brian Eugenio showed it to me.

Late Game

Spider-Man – Stark’s Protégé is definite.

Our eight and nine drop is where we need to do some thinking. I’ve actually warmed up to the The Sentry – Mighty Avenger quite a bit. In Modern, it seems harder to achieve total control and you want someone proactive. In SA though, all your guys exhaust someone else without the help of external factors which makes the Golden Guardian of Good better.

At least that’s what I think it is.

You’re actual kill card of choice is pretty interesting. Aegis – Lady of All Sorrows (23/25) for example, is pretty amazing if you factor in the Sentry phasing back into play during recovery.

Tenebrous – Of the Darkness drops everyone’s life to zero but that’s not neccessarily an iron win.

Galactus – Devourer of Worlds is vulnerable to a lonely PA, but requires the least amount of work to harmoinze with it.

I’d have to test a bit more.

What I Would Play – Because I Like to Stall

(Would anyone be interested if I uploaded my MWS/OCTGN net deck files?)

Characters: 31
3x Aunt May – Golden Oldie
4x Professor X – Mutant Benefactor
4x Black Bolt – Enemy Within
4x Dr. Strange – Secret Avenger
4x Black Cat – Nine Lives
4x Mr. Fantastic – Protector of the Power Gem
2x Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man
1x Iron Man – Protector of the Reality Gem
1x Black Manta – Underwater Marauder
1x Two-Face – Heads or Tails
1x Spider-Man – Stark’s Protégé
1x The Sentry – Mighty Avenger
1x 9 drop

Plot Twists: 27
4x Mobilize
4x Superhuman Registration Act – Team-Up
4x Gift Wrapped
4x Secret Government
4x Clandestine Operations
3x Omnipotence
2x The Elektra Situation
1x Pathetic Attempt – I might cut the above card for this as Death of a Dream spanks us.

Locations: 3
3x Empire State University

Look at how tight this list is already. The list of cards that would fit this archetype like a glove are near-endless: Carrying the Torch , Pathetic Attempt , Death of the Dream, Messiah Complex , or the The Beyonder – Inhuman etc.

Unfortunately, we need to play like 16 somewhat lackluster guys in order to enable our deck. : (

I also want to cut the The Elektra Situation for replacement or on-going protection, but it’s one of those cards I know that I’ll play in a tournament without it and then suddenly wish I had it midway through the tourney.

This deck plays all the control cards I like though… I think I might play this instead of SRA h4x at our local ccs…




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