Posted by: thederangedbear | September 4, 2008

VS Week in Review #3

The blogosphere has been really slow as of late. Thankfully Summer of Love is going strong, you can read about it on today’s Bearsday. I think I’m writing too much about SoL so…

I think UDE really needs to put some more information up to help induce excitement. There’s just nothing to look forward to, or discuss, so people don’t really have that much to blog about. We’re willing to promote the game, but c’mon give us something TO promote.

Speaking of which when’s our next statement on the future of VS? Where are the big events? What’s up with the MUN reprints? What’s with DC? Throw us a MEV preview! These are the things important to me and not whether Sarah Palin’s fifth child might actually be her daughter’s child.


DC Returns?

New DC Art

Basically, a lot of the VS System images for cards were put on deviant art. The presence of new art could mean some good things about the future for DC – although in all probability it’s just some left over comissioned art.

I’d like to be a bit more optimistic though… maybe this is a good omen. Personally, my hunny jar is always half full though. Actually it’s never full cause I eat too much but you get the drift…

I hope that UDE uses some more Ryan Sook art. If they ever get the DC license back I hope they use one of his pieces with Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

Spooky has Spoken!

MB responds to our Inquirities on A Proud Zinco Podcast

I really like the Society deck and he gives an awesome breakdown about it, and why it’s awesome. I am really loving The Riddler – Riddle Me This the more I play him/see him played. It’s amazing how little respect he first got when he was released.

He also talks about Warbound a little bit. Definitely worth the read.

(Plus listen to our podcast!)

Monkey Business

Erick Reyes’ GenCon Experience

A good report and certainly worth reading… if you like to hear about MKKO. I like the way Erick writes, especially his bit about BigSpooky Samsarra. Not only is it true, it’s very clever… something I’ve been trying to emulate.


Finally, we have the new Marquee format. It seems really bad to me, but that’s a topic I’ll get into some other time.

Hopefully next week brings more interesting things.




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