Posted by: thederangedbear | September 2, 2008

Testing Tuesdays: Summer of Love Pt. II

The Tony Danza Dance Extravaganza is a really interesting deck. It’s not really a team attack deck, nor a control deck either, or even a traditional curve deck, instead, having elements of all three.

Consequently, there’s going to be a high variance of how the game plays out depending on the draw, and the Wild’n’Sticky player will have to play it a bit by ear.

What is obvious to me is that the Outsiders/Fearsome Five deck has a lot of powerful cards and most importantly, the neccessary tools to take on control.

Sketching the Match-up

The first thing that really stands out to me is Omnipotence. This match-up looks like it’s going to be a heavy Omnipotence battle. For this simple reason, odds is going to be the desired initiative in the match-up. Beyond the fact that your four drop can steal the tiurn, being able to flip your Omnipotence locking theres down is going to be key, as Spider-Man and Gift Wrapped completely stifle their strategy.

Your cards are better then them, and Omni evens it out, so you need to even it out by taking Omni out of the equation.

Other then that:

Katana – Tatsu Yamashiro: We don’t want our four drop chopped.

Press the Attack: This card more or less negates Gift Wrapped.

Lets see how it plays out:


Game One
Wild ‘n’ Sticky takes odds

Turn 1

I have nothing and Tony Danza plays Owen Mercer.


Turn 2

Tony Danza plays Katana, while I recruit Black Cat – Nine Lives and use her to activate ESU.

Katana goes into Black Cat, while Owen Mercer faces me for two more.


Turn 3

I play Man Eater, while Tony Danza plays Halo and Lacuna.

I flip Stealthcraft, and Black Cat hits Owen who gets returned back to hand. After reinforcement, Man-Eater hits Katana.

Turn 4

KImiyo Hoshi and Owen Mercer hits play. I have a much more predictable recruit with Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man.

I exhaust Black Cat to ESU and put drop Ego Gem on Man-Eater.

I pay seven ATK with Spider-Man then Gift Wrap to pass the turn.


Turn 5

Pre-build I ESU with Black Cat, I reveal Scarlet Spider. After I lay my resource, I recruit Spider-Man – Secret Avenger.

Tony Danza plays Recruiting Drive bouncing Owen, but he has no team-up and he just scoops right there when I reveal the Indebted to find Human Torch – Fiery Friend that is a bit too good with my four drop.

Post Game Thoughts

No thoughts really. We do, however, decide to play odds again cause that seemed really lame.

Game 2
Wild’n’Sticky has odds.

(Tony Danza opens with a one drop and Shimmer which should be nice.)

Turn 1



Turn 2

Katana – Tatsu Yamashiro meets up with Black Cat.

I double evade, and get faced for eight as a price, while he draws offTechnocrat – Geoffrey Barron.


Turn 3

Sadly, I have not drawn my three yet. I mull over whether to search it out, but since I have no four drop either it’s too risky.

What is not risky is Black Cat; I evade her, but get nothing.

I whiff.

Danza plays Kimiyo Hoshi. I take 8, and evade in recovery again.


Turn 4

In turns out whiffing might have been the right play, as I needed Indebted this turn, as I used it to search out Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man – which I did not draw.

I exhaust one character with his ability and Gift Wrap the rest of his board.

No attacks, I double evade again.

How fun.


Turn 5

I flip Omnipotence for Omnipotence and play Indebted for Spider-Man – Secret Avenger, revealing Scarlet Spider.

Tony Danza’s Lacuna rows away the Omnipotence in his row for a Marvel Team-up and plays Neutron.

During the attack phase, Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man swings into Shimmer who is protecting Neutron. Following that, Spider-Man – Secret Avenger attacks Neutron, Black Cat attacks Technocrat and I double evade – yet again.


Turn 6

I evade Black Cat pre build. I don’t have the exact list of what controls what, but what it ultimately boils down to is me gumming up his attack phase with a pair of Sensational Spider-Men, Gift Wrapped off my five drop and Entangle from my six drop, with a discard from Spider-Man on Neutron to keep my resource count up.

We experiment with a few recruit configurations here – curve and on curve, but in each cases, they don’t get to break board, next turn I play seven drop Spider-Man.

Game 3
Wild’n’Sticky has evens

Turn 1



Turn 2

I play Black Cat with Ego Gem. Tony Danza Recruiting Drives for Owen Mercer and Lacuna.

I draw off Ego gem and double evade.


Turn 3

My cousin tells me he’s really confused by this deck and how to go for recruits and he shows me the Recruiting Drive.

Ultimately, he decides to play Owen, Gizmo, team-up, then Recruiting Drive for Kimiyo Hoshi ♦ Dr. Light – Sunburst.

I play Cardiac and stun one of his guys. He passes on attacks and I double evade after using my Ego Gem.


Turn Four

I play Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man, he plays Jade – Emerald Beacon.

I do a safe attack with Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man and exhaust a random guy.

Jade hits Cardiac for 8, but not before he stuns some other guy.

I draw with Ego Gem and evade.


Turn Five

We experiment with Neutron , or Shimmer + Dr Light either way double sub Spider-Man – The Sensational Spider-Man, Gift Wrapped and Cardiac ties up the board I show him indebted for the Human Torch – Fiery Friend and that’s it.

Closing Thoughts

I think this match-up is really good, but that’s not reason to get cocky as anything could happen.

The plan – as I see it:

– Mulligan for Black Cat.
– Double Evade with her aggressively to find the Gift Wraps and Omnipotence we want.
– Odds are prefered.
– Omnipotence should be called – in order of relavence – Omnipotence, then Press the Attack, then Dr. Light.
– Neutron is actually survivable as you have more five drops drops then they do, and they are all grade A against the opposition. Grace is not that awesome, when you’re not curving up.

I hope this helps! Barring a double Omnipotence/Neutron draw with they have odds, I think the Spider-Friends can win this.

Minus getting screwed though. Black Cat and four drop for the win!





  1. The fact Danza made it beyond round 1 was part spud practicing the deck in advance, and part divine providence. Off hand, i’d say Danza needs to win odds with a turn 5 omni calling spiderman. and praying for a misplay or missed drop. but in the sumer of love, who knows what will happen?

    Nice breakdown. a few misplays but it’s all in good fun, and the danza is a confusing mutha &%$#er

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