Posted by: thederangedbear | August 29, 2008

Freestyle Friday: Failbear!

Last night I dreamt I was at UDE offices, where TBZ revealed to me they were going to print Ursa Major!

“YES!” I exclaimed joyously and victoriously, relieved that one of the few Ursinorities in comicdom got to see print.

“Yeah, we figured with the release of such lame teams such as Doom Patrol, and * snicker * Alpha Flight that we really have no reason not to print Major Ursa. We totally kept your love of control decks in mind when we made this!”

“No way?”

“Yeah way. * Snicker* Alpha Flight * snicker *”

I was so excited!


Low cost? No potential to handle multiple characters? Overly efficient ATK to cost ratio? What’s going on!?

“How does this help control?”

“Who said anything about helping?”


“In our playtesting, Ursa Major is singlehandedly responsible for making control unviable… forever!”

“Isn’t Ursa Major killing control forever kinda bad?”

“Who cares dude? The game is casual! Wait till you see the other bear we printed!”


Speaking of savagely pwning bears:

I really gotta give it up to the folks who made Magic Set Editor. It’s so easy to make fantasy cards. Mad props to them.

Also, what do you guys think of:

a) The length of the pices?

b) The general web aesthetics – font size, colors?

Other then that, enjoy the weekend guys! I will be schooling and possibly doing some small amount of construction work. Hopefully, you guys will be doing something awesome like flying with a jet pack. The blog’s slowly picking up again, and I hope I can maintain this – thanks Miguel!

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  1. That bear clip is the greatest thing ever committed to film.

  2. What a silly old bear….

  3. your new acronym name PBS P-bear sung

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