Posted by: thederangedbear | August 28, 2008

VS Week in Review #2

No Amadeus Cho in Hulk

This was pretty interesting to me: I was looking around the Deck Garage on VSRealms, and I noticed a lot of people don’t play Mastermind Excello – Amadeus Cho in their Hulk decks. This was kind of weird because Mastermind Excello – Amadeus Cho is really good – and I think I have a bias to him because he’s like the only cool Asian male character that isn’t an embodiment of negative stereotypes.

I inquired about why, and here’s what Brian “kansashoops” Foley had to say:

“I don’t play Cho in mine, either. Every time I test him out, I run into a variety of problems: a) don’t draw him until it’s too late, b) don’t have a spare Hulk to discard, c) I discard a Hulk early and miss a drop later because of it, or d) I miss using one of Hulk’s loner effects because Cho is still on the field.

I think other people who are playing him are playing more Hulks than I am, notably on 3. Unless you’re playing extras of the higher drops just for use as discards for Cho (which pretty much counteracts the gain you get from the free cards), I don’t see how you can reliably run Cho without playing lots of Hulk 3’s.

And to me, Hulk 3 is completely useless except as a discard for Cho. There’s nothing to be gained by playing Hulk 3 and then Hulk 4, and if you play Hulk 3-Brood-Hulk 5, then you don’t get Hulk 5’s Boost effect stunning the opposing 4. For me, the ideal curve in the middle turns is Heroim-Hulk 4-Hulk 5 with Boost (after using Hulk 4 with Great Arena and/or Imperial Dreadnaught+gamma counter).”

I think this is a little simplified but I think Amadeus Cho should at least see play as a one-of like Michael “BigSpooky” Barnes does. When this card is good it’s absurd, and for a ‘combo’ deck like Hulk, anyway you have to drawn more of your pieces is a good thing. Amadeus Cho does have a lot of other things going for him too.

Then again, I trust Foley’s judgement, so if I were to play a Hullk deck and had to make cuts… I’d probably start with Cho.

Stuff like this is why I enjoy VS from a competitive angle – just trying to find out why certain cards are better or worse then others for what reason really appeals to me. I’m sure most of us would think Amadeus Cho is a definitive one-of from a first glance, but after digging a little deeper, it appears the perception is not always reality.

The Jank has Chosen’s GenCon Report

The fine gents at the Jank Has Chosen have put up one of the few reports about GenCon. Major kudos man, I wish I coulda been there : (

Hey guys, in the future when you want to write reports… try to copy this guy. He writes simple informative paragraphs that are literally a pleasure to read. Some of the reports on Realms make me feel like someone gouged my left nut with a Pelican’s beak. I certainly appreciate the button, but is it that much trouble to hold the “Shift” button when you type?

Every time I see someone eschew grammar and syntax I invariably wonder what they look like, and the mental image is never fulfilling. Please! You will get much more responses when people, y’know, are able to read what you write.

Like I’ve touched on before, I’m not sure how the SHIELD deck is any good. It certainly seemed to work here and for Robert Rietze though, so… Ludin tells me the deck is basically 56 bad cards and runs a Hail Mary with Wolverine – Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. * HYDRA. That seems to make a lot of sense, heh…

A Proud Zinco Podcast #4

We talk about:

– Marquee Event
– Quicksilver
– Why it’s important to have more high level OP
– Why pregnant women and little children shouldn’t walk around VSRealms at night

This one is a lot more sizzle then steak, if it’s your style then you’ll like it. Honestly, with no big events looming, it’s really hard to talk about strategy, which is why I’m going to try to put up some online tournament, I really hope we get some type of announcement soon.

Anyhow, don’t forget to check Bearsday for yet another Golden Age deck that seamlessly blends cards from MOR – MUN!





  1. I don’t run Cho in my Warbound either. I run a very heavily defensive Hulk deck (I affectionately call it Modern X-Statix), and my deck has a grand total of six Hulks in it: 4x Green Scar, 1x Gladiator, and 1x Worldbreaker. I almost never have anything for Amadeus to pitch, so he’s a dead card.

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